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California Women and the Mom of 2, Got The Best Surgery at CG Cosmetic Miami Florida – Most Trusted Plastic Surgery Center in Miami Florida



CG Cosmetic Surgery Miami FL is among the most trusted plastic surgery centers in the US. And it holds the status of Miami’s trusted cosmetic surgery center and this is because the center has historical value as it has years of experience providing the best cosmetic surgeries to its clients. CG Cosmetic Miami so far has performed more than 10,000 procedures.

Most Popular Procedures

Most popular procedures done at CG Cosmetic Surgery Center include BBL, Lipo, Brest Augmentation, Mommy Makeover, Tummy Tuck, Breast Lift, Fillers, Juvederm, Botox and Lymphatic Massages.  The leading plastic surgeons are on board at the new state of the art facility of CG Cosmetic who performs the surgery very skillfully and carefully after having rounds of meetings with the clients. The surgery is done according to the requirements of the clients and the complications which might arise during the procedure are taken into consideration very vigilantly before the surgery. The doctors are very much cautious and since they are highly experienced, they plan the procedure with utmost care being much cautious as it happens to be very sensitive life-threatening surgeries. This is the reason that CG Cosmetic Surgery Miami so far has not done any damages and all of the operations have been successful.

Strictly ‘No’ to Textured Breast Implants

Since there have been rising health concerns of textured breast implants, CG Cosmetic Surgery releases an official statement by Dr. Freiman, who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons, that it has never used any textured implants. Come to meet with one of the best board-certified Miami plastic surgeons at CG Cosmetic that offers the latest and safe plastic surgery in South Florida.

Highly Skilled and Qualified Surgeons

At CG Plastic Surgery, all the plastic surgeons are highly skilled and experienced apart from being board –certified. They use the sophisticated approaches and attention to detail for cosmetic surgery. For the ease of the clients or patients, the center also offers complimentary consultants who like to learn more about the procedures of plastic surgery such as going for liposuction, tummy tuck, nose job, facial plastic surgery or butt lifts.

Excellency in Plastic Surgery

CG Cosmetic Surgery enjoys excellent reputation for being the specialist in all forms of breast augmentation including breast enlargements and breast lifts after successfully performing long list of happy and satisfied patients.  This is the reason that the center has mammoth word of mouth publicity done by the patients who have successfully undergone the surgery procedure. CG Cosmetic surgery reviews depict the same picture if anyone goes through the reviews’ pages online. No matter if your preference is to boost up your confidence or you like to enhance your look to become young and pretty, the qualified plastic surgeon from CG Cosmetic Miami Florida have complete training and rich experience to change your look according to your requirements and needs. Client’s consultation is really good before finalizing the plastic surgery procedure at the center.

CG Plastic Surgery is known for being the most trusted plastic surgery center in Miami that is why the highly educated and specialist in their respective areas surgeons deliver the service and quality the patients deserve. They also very closely work with the clients and discuss all available options to make it sure they receive the best results. Satisfaction is what is taken into consideration.

Options Available According to Needs

CG Cosmetic has many options available to choose from according to the needs of the clients at their center for all kinds of plastic surgeries. Thus, the one who want breast enlargement can choose between silicones or saline breast implants in the sizes or shapes which suit them perfectly. Depending on the size or type of procedure the clients want, the qualified surgeons will make the recommendations for implants placements either under or over the chest muscle (sub-muscular).

Panel of Leading Plastic Surgeons

The panel of the leading plastic surgeons is on board at CG Cosmetic and they include:

Dr. Krau (Lead Physician Selected by Mentor)

He is considered to be the best plastic surgeons in Miami area. His major expertise contains breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast lifts, rhinoplasty and facelift.

Dr. Jacob Freiman

The board certified doctor has many hospital affiliations at Mount Sinai Medical Center Miami Beach, Memorial West Outpatient Center Pembroke Pines and Bayside Surgicenter Coconut Grove.

Dr. Scott Loessin

He is among the most competent surgeons and has been rated with five stars by Real Self that is an online community where the people rate their plastic treatment they received. The same community also conferred him with the title of ‘distinguished member’ in 2012.

Dr. Alfred Sofer

A boarded in general surgery, Dr. Alfred Sofer is a board-certified cosmetic surgeon with high repute among the surgeons. He has been serving numerous communities around New York City, CT and now in the areas of Miami at CGCosmetic. Since Dr. Sofer was quite passionate for creativity, science and technology, so this passion took him to join the field of cosmetic surgery.

CG Cosmetic Miami also has many other highly competent surgeons such as Robert Hunsaker, Jorge Hidalgo and Decio Carvalho.

The patients are not left behind post the surgery rather the follow up visits too are carried on. Surgeons and the team carefully checkup the patients to make it sure that the health is fine and if there are any health issues, proper treatment is provided.

State of the Art Facility

CG Cosmetic has now shifted to new center that is a brand new state of the art facility and is located just minutes away from the heart of Coral Gables Cosmetic. The extensive experience helped the center to design and construct the new facility wrapped with latest technology which provides safety, customer service and comfort to the patients.

Proud to be Allergan Partner

It is undoubtedly a matter of pride for CG Cosmetic to be an Allergan Partner Privileges (APP) Top 50.

Beyond Boundaries Service

The center is not only restricted to Miami area, but also provides plastic surgery services to the patients residing in the whole of US and even the people come from Canada, UK, Russia, Dubai, Spain and Israel. You may come to CG Cosmetic Surgery and discuss your needs with the competent surgeons to change your look according to what you want.

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