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Explore London’s East End with Unique Walking Tours



No trip to London is complete without visiting the east end. London’s east end is a hipster’s paradise, full of quirky bars, diverse food options, and some of the world’s best graffiti. The area is also steeped in history. Read on for some of the best things to do in the east end.

See Some Street Art

There are two ways to do this. You can either just stroll around areas like Shoreditch and Brick Lane, and explore as much or as little as you like, or you can go on a street art tour. Exploring yourself means you get the opportunity to stray off the beaten track and may even find some undiscovered pieces. However, if you don’t want to miss any of the most influential graffiti artworks, it is worth investing in a tour. As the birthplace of graffiti artist Bansky, you’re sure to be treated to some originals by the artist.

Eat, Eat, Eat

The east end has always been made up of a large mix of different cultures. Before it became a trendy destination, it was one of the cheapest areas in London. Due to this, it attracted a lot of migrants. These days there are so many culinary offerings in the east end that reflect a wide range of influences. Just like the street art, you can opt for a food tour to ensure you don’t miss any local favorites, such as Beigel Bake.

Explore Its Dark Past

The east end is full of history, and some of it is dark and gritty. So, if you’re looking for something a little unique, there are a few tours you can try, such as a Jack the Ripper walking tour. It’s in the east end where Jack the Ripper carried out his gruesome murders in 1888. Another dark part of this area’s past includes its gangster underworld. So, why not enjoy a walking tour where you can learn about London’s most infamous gangsters such as the Kray twins and Lenny McLean?

Stay In Style

Whether you are looking to move to the east end, or just stay for a month or two (you’ll need at least a month or two to explore everything this borough has to offer) check out If you are looking to meet other travelers and locals alike, you can rent a single room, or if you’d prefer more privacy after a long day of walking, you can opt for a full apartment.

Capture Your Visit

Want to capture your memories of London’s east end so they’ll last forever? Consider a professional photoshoot tour. On this, your guide will take you around some of the coolest and most scenic spots, where you can have professional photos taken. Usually, you can take a group of up to four, so this is a great idea for friends or couples. However you decide you want to enjoy the east end, you’re certain to experience something new and create some great memories.