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Things No One Tells You About Living in London



Hi guys, there are many young adventurers who dream of living in London. Some want to study English and live in London, others prefer to work in London and then there are those who want to study and work in England.

For all of you, who are considering living in London for a while, we have written this post of why live in London? But if you are looking to discover the most beautiful corners of London, we recommend that you do not miss this basic guide to visit London. Surely, even if you know London, it will surprise you.

We know that at the beginning it is complicated since it is not known very well, where to begin the adventure of living in London.

We hope to help you, to clear your doubts and give you some very interesting tips, to live in London.

You can read more about this guide to London in the article below.

Meet and enjoy the experience of living in London

It is a unique city, at the forefront in every way. English culture mixes with different cultures around the world. This is the wonderful thing about living in London.

Discover all kinds of neighborhoods, living in London

By living in London, you can travel to China, just by passing through the neighborhood of  China Town, celebrating the Chinese New Year, … That you like Venice more, you can enjoy the incredible walk around the  Regent Canal and enjoy Little Venice. Knowing the Hindu culture, you can visit the  Neasden temple that is the largest outside of India. Entering the Jamaican neighborhood of London, visiting Brixton is wonderful. Living in London gives you the opportunity to meet all kinds of cultures.

Meet several of the best museums when living in London

If you like museums, living in London you can enjoy the most important art collections in the world. The 2nd largest Egyptian collection after Cairo is in the  British Museum.  The science museum is amazing, you can see wonderful skeletons of the ancient dinosaurs, … If you prefer paintings, you can not miss the collection of the best artists in the world, in the  National Gallery. And many more wonderful and free museums that are open to the public, from Monday to Sunday. By living in London you will discover many of the best museums in the world.

By living in London you will love street markets.

Another wonder, of living in London, is the large number of markets that you will find throughout the city. You can not miss  Camden Town, one of the most different and alternative markets in the world. It is one of the first, that people visit when they live in London. The  Greenwich market is quite good and in it, you can taste delicious delicacies. In addition, enjoying incredible views of the city, from the  Greenwich Meridian, is where world hours are marked. Also, the market  Brick Line is an innovative and stylish market. There, you can find real wonders for vintage lovers. And at the same time, Spitalfields market delight of young fashion promises, many young designers sell their work there. If you come to live in London, you will be the king of the markets. XD

These are just a few examples of all the different markets that you will discover when living in London. Young people who come to work and live in London in summer, come home in love with the markets. In addition, the weather also helps make the experience even more unforgettable, if possible.

There are many markets in London, museums in London and parks in London, so we invite you to visit our blog , where we tell you all the secrets so that your experience of living in London is unforgettable.

Reasons to live in London

We give you the main reasons to work and live in London.

Living in London changes you.

Millennium Bridge, discover magical places by living in London. Surely one of you or a friend has left Erasmus and told you a thousand incredible stories and how life changes something like that.

Well, coming to work and living in London is the same. By living in London, you know English culture, its crazy customs such as the obsession with punctuality. The importance of tea and of course, you cannot live in London and not go to an Afternoon tea, as it would be something that no English would forgive you. Why speak English is not just speaking a language. But understand their culture, their way of seeing life and their way of relating. And the only way to learn this is to come to the site! If you don’t come to live in London, there is no book that can teach you those things.

In addition, living in London will teach you many human values ​​such as tolerance, respect for different customs or ideologies, you will meet people from all over the world … A cosmopolitan city like few others, which will teach you a lot. Living in London is the same as being “open mind.”Regarding Brexit, many rumors are read on the networks. But do not worry, that to live in London will not change anything, until 2019. For more information about Brexit, you can read in our blog.

Learn English by living in London.

We all know the importance of studying English today. We have listened a thousand times to our Learn English by living in London. Parents or teachers repeat: ” English is necessary, in order to find a good job .”

Language Immersion when living in London

But it is true that it is difficult to learn a language, without living in the country. Even if we study daily, how many hours can we dedicate to the week? 10 hours, that’s nothing! Compared to living in London.

To really learn a language, the best (or the only option, I would say! At least in my case XD) is the linguistic immersion in the native country. By living in London, you will be in continuous contact with the language, 24 hours a day.

You will learn different accents by living in London

In addition, by living in London you can learn to differentiate all types of accents. This is very important, since the future does not know who you will have to talk to (often it will not be native English, but English will be the common language). And even if you speak English, as you don’t understand the accents, you’ll be lost!

Face everyday situations when living in London

From our experience, consider that what really makes you learn is to live in London. It is seeing you in the need to have to talk. For example: if you come to live in London and go to the supermarket and do not find what you are looking for, you will have to ask someone; if you get lost, you will have to ask for help to find the site you are looking for …

It is those circumstances, which you face when living in London, that make you forget the shame. Therefore, when living in London, you will have to face these kinds of situations constantly. So, inevitably you have to speak English, say it better or worse, something you have to say.

If you want to speak English, decide to live in London

If your English is your pending subject, come and live in London. As the days go by, you start learning English by working in London. Mainly, because you have no choice, living in London is what you have … you need to speak English yes or yes.

In addition, there are several things, such as expressions, customs … that there is no book to teach you. Therefore, it is essential to living in London to have a good command of English.

Work and live in London

reasons to work and live in London The best area  to start and have a  job in London , is the hospitality . You would ask yourself a lot, can I live in London without English? Yes, since it is the most flexible sector.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have experience or that your English is not high. When you come to live in London, there will always be someone willing to give you a chance. Being work for the public, you will quickly begin to see your progress.  Working and living in London helps you learn every day and practice everything learned. Working and living in London in the hospitality sector can be very beneficial since the number of hours of work is quite flexible. You can manage your stay in different ways:

a) Work to cover expenses, to live in London

There are people, who want a  job in London for a few hours and give him to cover living expenses in London (accommodation, food, …). His priority is to live in London, to know the city; visit the millions of wonderful beautiful corners, apart from the tourist sites; Going out, shopping,… When you live in London you will find everything, whatever you want.

b) Save money by living in London

work bartender when you live in London

On the other hand, there are other boys who want to work more and save some money, when they return to live in London. In this case, simply talking to the manager and telling him that you are interested in working more hours, it can be done.

If you want to save money and live in London, you can instead work 30 hours a week; You work 55 hours and you will be paid 55 hours. When you come to live in London, you see that it is not, as usually happens in Spain. Here, all the hours you work to get paid.

Another important reason, to work and live in London, in the hospitality sector, is that they usually pay per week or fortnight. That is, you, for example, you come to live in London, you start working in London and by the week you are already receiving money. Quickly, you can meet the initial expense and investment to live in London. The minimum wage has risen, as of April, for more details check the post.

c) How much do you earn working in hospitality when living in London?

And another thing, to keep in mind, is that the jobs in London of hospitality, pay you the salary and the ” service charge ” . This is, as the mandatory tip (customers are charged between 10-12% more than the account, for staff), advantages of living in London.

For example, you are going to live in London and go out to eat at a restaurant and when paying, they charge you 12% more of the total bill for the tip for the waiters. It is not that you tell him, well as the waiter has been very nice, I am going to give him a 1 or 2 pounds of tip, but they already charge him directly XD.

For the English this is something normal, so in addition to the “Service charge”, if they liked the service, they leave a voluntary tip . That tip is called  “tips . ” This is another incentive for the waiter to be friendlier and to live in London.

So, working in hospitality and living in London is not bad at all. Remember that in addition to the salary, there is also the extra money of the tips (which can be quite considerable) and that obviously in other types of jobs, you do not have. Most of the boys when they live in London, start working in this sector.

d) Qualified work to live in London

enjoy piccaddilly while living in London

At the beginning of living in London, finding a qualified job is quite complicated . You are usually asked for a good level of accredited English, preferably in the United Kingdom. This is because the exam titles (for example Cambridge, Trinity, TOIC, …) may be the same center but the level of demand in the United Kingdom is higher. It is understood that by living in London, you are in linguistic immersion. So the titles obtained in the country are more recognized.

On the other hand, they ask you to have work in the United Kingdom previously in any sector. Another option is to have practiced in England. Since the practices are not usually paid, it is difficult to stay, if you have not been granted any type of Erasmus Scholarship … to live in London.

It is also true that living in London opens up many opportunities for you. There are many job offers in London in all sectors. If you try hard, it is very possible ; that you come to  work in London as a waiter at the beginning of living in London and a few months later, you can have a job of what you have studied .

Coming to live in London is the opportunity to start a new life. You will be able to build your own path, which will take you to the work of your dreams. Most when we come to live in London, we start in the hospitality sector. Others prefer to come to study an intensive English course in London for at least 12 weeks; then try to find a job of his own.

Job offers, after living in London

job offers when you speak English after living in London

Once, that you already consider that the time has come to return home, what will happen when you have in the curriculum that you have gone to work and live in London and that you speak fluent English?

Yes, the dream we have all had so many times, the doors of paradise will open to you. After living in London, you can start opting for interesting job offers. And the best that they answer to offer you interviews.

If you face the job search in your country, after living in London you can with a simple interview in Spanish. Or what? Will it scare you? Surely the fears, you left behind, after living in London.

And for those of you who have come to live in London in summer and you have to study again. Your English may not be perfect yet, but surely you are one step closer. Now you have to continue studying English, watching movies, go to language exchanges … not to forget what you have learned. And if not, then for the following summer, you come to work and live in London again and problem solved.

Work and live in London with The London Dream.

We are an agency to work, study and live in London. We take care of organizing everything for young people who want to live in London and work in England.

Job offers to live in London with The London DreamAs you are now considering, we have been making a decision for some time to live in London and have lived through the whole process.

Apartments, to live in London.

We take care of the search for accommodation in London. They are houses or flats shared with younger people of different nationalities among them English. One of the wonders of living in London is that you know people from all over the world.

Once we confirm the arrival date, you will be sent the available options with details and photos. You can choose to choose the accommodation that most interests you to live in London.

Curriculum and preparatory interview to  work and live in London 

We will make you the curriculum in the British format . And we will give you a kind of training to spend an interview to work in England and explain the customs of living in London.

Work in London quickly.

We receive a lot of job offers in London  daily . We will send you to meetings with the managers of the jobs that fit your profile. Our boys are usually working in London the same week of their arrival, with us it is very easy to live in London.

Advice for living in London.

We help you to open the bank account, have the social security number  ( requirements necessary to work and live in London ), we explain how the subway works, In the beginning, living in London, there are many changes, so It can be a bit overwhelming, especially for not having language proficiency. But we will be there, to advise you during the adaptation process of living in London.

English courses in London .

In the case that you are interested in doing an  English course in London, either to help you with your decision to work and live in London or because you are interested in obtaining the certificate of a reputed London school, for your curriculum; Do not hesitate to contact us.

We will organize the courses to learn English in London, we will analyze your arrival date and schedules, to see the best option for you.

We work with the best academies in the city. All annealed by the British Council, members of the language association and accredited by Cambridge. All our boys, who have taken  intensive English courses, have been very satisfied  and will ensure that the classes have helped them in their beginnings to living in London

At the beginning of living in London, classes can help you evolve faster. And managers like that kids are going to class, as that reflects their interest in learning and improving.

The difference between living in London with The London Dream

It is true that it is possible to come to live in London without contacting agencies to work in London. It all depends on the priorities of each one, if your goal is to live the experience and do it all for yourself , even if you have been going around for a month and have money saved to be able to live in London for at least 1-2 months without working (pay a hotel, a real estate agency to rent an apartment and live in London, while looking for a job) an agency to work in London ,  is not what you need.

But if you want to work in England quickly, since you cannot wait 1 month to find work while living in London, since your resources do not allow it. Or simply, you want to come to work in the summer in London, so you have only two months to come and work, so you can’t waste your time. The best option, in this case, to live in London is to come with everything organized. So you begin to work in London directly and can thus have money to meet the costs of living in London.