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Free To Claim Age of Wonders III – Strategy Game on Steam



Age of Wonders III is a 4X turn-based strategy game with a high-fantasy fictional setting. a mixture of empire-building, role-playing, and warfare, Age of Wonders III places you within the role of a ruler (with six totally different RPG-style leader categories, like sorcerer and rogue) to explore the globe map, hash out with and battle alternative empires, build and improve your own civilization, and more. The newest game within the series, Age of Wonders: Planetfall, truly releases in only some weeks on August 6, so this is a good chance to give the series a try if you’ve never played it.

Age of Wonders III is a well-crafted strategy game that does not let itself get slowed down in unnecessary make-work. It pushes your focus onto its strongest suit, the tract whereas keeping everything else within the background,” wrote critic Maxwell McGee. “Some smart components of randomness facilitate keep you on your toes once multiple sessions, although you may realize many go-to ways still apply in spite of the type of army you lead. Age of Wonders III is that the welcome comes of a long-absent strategy series and a tactically regardful game. And why Age of Wonders III – 4X Strategy Game Is Free now, you wonder? To mark the future unleash of ensuing Age of Wonders game, Planetfall, which—as reported in February—will be out on August 6. Owning Age of Wonders III will get you a common fraction off the Planetfall pre-purchase value, thus although you are solely very inquisitive about the new game, you would possibly likewise snag the recent one (if you do not have already got it) to urge the deal.

A couple of months ago Humble Store gave away Age of Wonders III for a brief time, and for those that omitted thereon, the sport has gone back to being absolved to claim once more, this point on Steam. This giveaway lasts over the complete weekend.
The turn-based strategy title is that the most up-to-date entry to the now nearly 20-year recent classic Age of surprise series – that’s till Planetfall launches next month. Fans of the 4X genre can feel right reception during this fantasy title that conjointly options a full story campaign, versus multiplayer, likewise as cooperative modes.

Create associate Empire in your own Image

  • Rule collectively of VIRPG vogue leader classes:  Sorcerer, Theocrat, Rogue, Warlord, Archdruid, or the tech-focused battlewagon.


  • Research powerful skills distinctive to your category develop your empire and arsenal.
  • Choose your allies from among the six main races – Humans, High Elves, Dwarves, Orcus, Goblins and Draconian – and fantastical monster dwellings.
    Fight In-depth military science battles§ Recruit legendary heroes, equip them with sorcerer weapons and allow them to lead your armies into battle.
    § Crush your enemies’ exploitation the careful 3D turn-based military science Combat System.
  • Become a master deviser. Crush town defenses. Learn to use flanking and master your army’s many talents.
    Explore and Exploit a Living fairyland
    § Explore an upscale fairyland that’s a lot of careful and alive than ever with over fifty location varieties to raid for treasure.
    § Expand your domain by building new settlements forge pacts with monstrous allies and capture valuable resources.
    § Wield earth-shattering magic and terraform the lands for your desires.
    Master Age of Wonders III’s several Modes!
    § Immerse yourself in an exceedingly made single-player story campaign, playable from 2 sides of an associate epic conflict.
    § Create endless situations exploitation the random map generator.
    § Compete in multiplayer wars with up to eight players online.


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