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GhostWire: Tokyo: everything we all know up to now



Shinji Mikami took the stage at Bethesda’s E3 conference this year to announce Tango Gameworks’ 1st new project since The Evil inside a pair of. GhostWire: Japanese capital is going to be associated “action-adventure game within which you’ll fight paranormal enemies and free the town of supernatural evil.” when giving an associated introduction, Mikami bimanual the stage to GhostWire’s inventive director Ikumi Nakamura to inform the US a lot of regarding the studio’s next adventure story.

In the announcement trailer, individuals area unit is shown disappearing like they’ve been raptured. Their area unit many types of creepy spirits, some even appear as if they’re actively disappearing frightened voters. The trailer ends with a bow-wielding character World Health Organization looks to be the protagonist casting some reasonably magic (maybe for dispelling evil spirits?) and speech “Don’t worry the unknown. Attack it.”

According to inventive director Ikumi Nakamura, Ghost Wire is different from the survival-horror games that Tango Gameworks is thought for.

Nakamura aforesaid throughout Bethesda’s conference that we are going to meet a variety of spirits, “some dangerous, some peaceful” as we tend to attack conspiracies and therefore the occult in the Japanese capital.

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