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Puzzle of Love Vs. Passion Puzzle: The Top Differences



BadBoyApps is home to some of the best dating simulators and games in the World Wide Web. We have over 5 million players from across the world who love and vouch for our games. Today we are going to go over the top differences between our popular games- Passion Puzzle and Puzzle of Love. What we want is to give you a clear idea of both games and their differences, so that you have answers to all your probable questions.

Puzzle of Love Vs. Passion Puzzle: Know the Differences

You are guaranteed to get full enjoyment and ultimate dating pleasure from both of our games-Passion Puzzle and Puzzle of Love. But which one should you try first?
Here’s a list of the main differences between the two games so that you can confidently start with the one that appeals to you most. So let’s dive in!

1. Storyline

Both the games have a gripping storyline that keeps you glued to the screen all throughout the day!
But the storylines are unique for each game so that you can get a taste of both worlds.
Passion Puzzle takes you on a summer adventure full of love and flirting. You arrive in a beautiful coastal town to spend your summer vacation and chill in the shade of coconut trees and cool beaches. Along the way, you meet several new people, most of whom are cute and charming girls.
All the girls seem to be blown over by your appeal and look forward to becoming your girlfriend. It’s up to you to decide whom you want to date first; or, you can also date several girls at once!
Puzzle of Love provides a completely different experience putting you in the shoes of a famous romantic novel author. You are the bestselling writer and girls are automatically drawn to your charisma! They just love to read your books and are ready to flirt and become your girlfriend.
You spend your time looking for an elegant muse who could provide inspiration for your future work. Being a romantic novel writer comes with perks, and you can enjoy them to the fullest in Puzzle of Love.

2. Selection of Girls

You will find sexy and attractive girls to date in both Passion Puzzle and Puzzle of Love. But we won’t bore you with the same girls in all games which totally ruins the fun of dating simulators. That’s why we have created different girls for our games who come with interesting personalities and attitudes to offer the best dating experience.

In Puzzle of Love, you can date Linda the model, Sabrina the booker, Marina the student, or Nonna the waitress. In Passion Puzzle, you can choose from, Loli the bully, Mika the stewardess, Mary the athlete, or Emila the model.

None of the girls look or act the same way. Each one offers a different experience like girls in real life and boosts the fun of dating. You can also have different endings with each girl based on how you play the game.

3. Reward

You can get several rewards as you progress through the levels of each game. We have put enough effort to create exciting and different rewards for each girl in the games so that you never encounter the same thing twice!

You can unlock new secrets for each girl and get hot selfies that define the moment. Each reward is unique and keeps you interested in the game as you proceed to unlock new levels filled with newer and amazing rewards.

4. Cities to Explore

Both games bring you to a city that you can explore and find new girls to meet. The map or the city of each game is different and gives you new opportunities to discover girls and places. You are sure to spend countless hours just getting yourself used to the city in each game.

Puzzle of Love features a small town with cute buildings which you can visit at your own leisure. Passion Puzzle places you in an urban city, complete with traffic and high rise buildings. Each map offers a unique flavor and worthy experience.

5. Match 3 Puzzles

You solve match 3 puzzles to pick up new girls and unlock levels in our games. We have created numerous types of puzzles in each game which differ from the puzzles in the other game. You will have unlimited fun and enjoyment solving new puzzles every day no matter whichever game you try!

Try Our Games to Spot the Differences

We have tried our best to point out the differences between two of our most popular games, Puzzle of Love and Passion Puzzle. But as you know, words are not enough to express what you can enjoy in the games, so the best way to find the differences is to try them out. You can download our games completely for free and start dating beautiful girls without any delay!

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