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Xbox Game Studios: Age of Empires 2 and 3 Definitive Edition will also be released on Steam



The new games of Xbox Game Studios will come to PC and through Steam in addition to the Microsoft Store. Phil Spencer announced Age of Empires I, II and III and Gears 5 for Valve’s store.

Xbox Game Pass will arrive at PC, as Microsoft confirmed in an announcement of its official site. But the more than 100 titles already in existence (and even more to come) are not the only good news for PC users. Phil Spencer assured that the next Xbox Game Studios titles will also reach Steam.

Brand New Microsoft Age of Empires Studio as reported on For a good number of months, it has been notorious the number of independent and large studies that Microsoft has been acquiring. From February 5 of this year, the conglomerate was renamed Xbox Game Studios and now works on a variety of titles for the next generation.

For good luck to those who prefer a PC to play, these titles will reach the platform through the most recognized store in the sector in addition to the Microsoft Store.

“We know that millions of PC players trust Steam as a great platform on which to buy PC games and we have listened well to the comments that PC users like to have different options”.

A strong name in the PC platform

It would seem that Microsoft, as a strong name in the PC platform, but also its position with Xbox as an agent in the world of consoles, maintains good relations with Valve and Steam. After all, Gabe Newell is a former employee of the company. But it was not ruled out that in the future there are other options to distribute the now mysterious titles of Xbox Game Studios with which they plan to dominate the next generation.

“We also know that there are other stores on PC, and we are working to offer an even greater variety of options when choosing which store you want to find your Xbox Game Studios games in the future. We want players to connect with each other creating a shared community no matter where they play. Our intention is that the new games of Xbox Game Studios include features such as voice and text chat, list of friends nd cross-play between PC and consoles “concluded Spencer.

Microsoft promises games of its new studies

Xbox Game Pass, subscription service with more than 100 games, will finally reach PC. Microsoft promised more news at E3 2019. Microsoft announced on the official Xbox portal that it will take three important steps to contribute to the desire to provide an experience that puts the player at the center of everything. This implies, according to them, to respect the preference of the community for an open and highly customizable platform. For this reason, Xbox Game Pass will now be available for PC.

Xbox Game Pass debuted for Xbox users two years ago and offers a library of over 100 ‘high quality’ titles. Microsoft mentioned that more news of Xbox Game Pass in the E3 to be made, including new games that will reach the service and more details about the new experience that moves to PC.

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