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Guarantee a good environment for the use of Sartorius balances



Guarantee a good environment for the use of Sartorius balances

Environmental factors such as temperature instability, airflow, vibration, and electromagnetic interference are some of the important factors that cause the weighing error of the Sartorius balance. Therefore, we should try to avoid or reduce the use in these environments. When the object is placed on the weighing pan, the Sartorius balance is immediately out of balance, and the electromagnetic force is used to restore the balance, and finally, the size of the object is read. However, during the use of the Sartorius balance or Sartorius moisture analyzers, if there are environmental factors such as temperature difference, airflow, vibration or electromagnetic interference, the electronic balance will be out of balance, resulting in uncertain readings, which will lead to measurement errors.

For example, the airflow generated by the air conditioner will cause the stable reading to drift again. In order to avoid or reduce the error, the balance should be placed on a stable, level, flat workbench with no vibration, no airflow, no electromagnetic interference, no large temperature changes, no direct sunlight, and no moisture ( It is generally best to keep the humidity at 45%~65%. This is good for preventing the generation of static electricity).

The important impact of the correct operating procedure on the Sartorius balance

Pay attention to the correct operating procedures in the metrological verification work. In the metrological verification work, the specific operating procedures need to be carried out according to the instructions of the Sartorius moisture analyzers, to avoid damage to the Sartorius balance caused by improper operation steps in the operation, or to have problems with the measurement results. In order to maintain the performance and state of the Sartorius balance, it is also necessary to pay attention to the environment used in the use of the instrument, so as to avoid excessive contact with dust, liquid and other substances during use.

This is due to substances such as liquids and dust, which not only cause damage to the surface of the instrument but also penetrate the inside of the instrument through the surface, causing damage inside the instrument. When the conditions permit, for the electronic balance to maintain a good operating state at any time, the relevant constant temperature protection equipment can be set in the working environment and the storage environment to maintain the operational stability of the equipment.

Sartorius balance installation and precautions

  1. Ensure that the rated voltage on the nameplate of the Sartorius balance is in accordance with the local voltage.
  2. When using an RS-232 connection cable, special care must be taken as the pin assignment may not be compatible with the Sartorius balance. Before connecting the cables, check all pin assignments and disconnect the differently configured lines.
  3. If the equipment or power cord is obviously damaged, disconnect the power supply and leave it in a safe place. It must be used during the damage period.
  4. It can only be connected to Sartorius accessories and accessories, as the accessories and accessories of Sartorius are best suited for your BSA series balances, and the operator will be fully responsible for any changes to the Sartorius equipment. , including the connection of equipment and cables not provided by Sartorius. Sartorius will be happy to provide information on the operating instructions (in accordance with Sartorius’ regulations) if requested by the customer.
  5. Do not open the balance housing. If the warranty label is damaged, the manufacturer’s warranty will be void.
  6. If the balance is faulty, please contact your local Sartorius Customer Service Center.


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