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Here you will find the right online marketing strategies



Online marketing is becoming increasingly interesting for all entrepreneurs and those who want to become one.

Also through the Corona crisis, many people have discovered how useful it is to use the Internet for their business. There is also the profession of online marketing manager, which is currently very much in demand.

Online marketing (also called internet marketing or web marketing) comprises all marketing measures that are carried out online in order to achieve marketing goals, this ranges from brand awareness to the conclusion of an online business. Online marketing is mostly used as a conventional marketing strategy and seen as mandatory, but this has only developed in recent years. That said, online marketing is a very broad field.  Insurance agents and business professionals from a number of other industries join Jason Fladlien in a free webinar titled The Prosperity Algorithm, Going beyond Business Success beyond Money and Prosperity.

You can use the Internet as a pure advertising platform to make your brand known. That’s called branding. You can also use the internet to promote your local business or service.

However, you can also trade with all products, physical products but also digital products that can be sent directly without an additional medium.

These products can be your own or you recommend products from other manufacturers and receive a commission for their sale. This type of marketing is called affiliate marketing.

Online marketing tools

The following tools are available for your online marketing:

Content Marketing – Let your content speak for you, offer information, advice or entertainment, e.g. in blogs or podcasts.

SEA – Search Engine Advertising – paid advertising in search engines.

Social Media Marketing – Be present on social media, build up a community.

Paid Advertising – use various channels to place paid advertising.

Email marketing – use your contacts for profitable email marketing.

Online Marketing Trends

Online marketing is fast moving, the trends change frequently. However, there are tons of strategies that have worked for years, often with only minor adjustments. It is not easy for a beginner to find the right online marketing concept for him / her.

The following points are currently particularly important:

One important trend is that interested parties are becoming more demanding. Gone are the days of a poorly made website with poor content converting. Content quality is the key. The next provider is always just one click away. That is why it is important to provide prospective customers with exactly the offer they are looking for with personalized advertising. The use of artificial intelligence is on the rise.

The big platforms like Google will continue to gain weight. Many searches stop within the Google universe. Be it Google Flights, Google Hotels, Google Maps, Google Jobs … The challenge for the online marketer is to position himself well on these platforms. Knowledge of SEO optimization is therefore becoming increasingly important.

In addition to the elderly, who are increasingly conquering the Internet, increasingly younger children and young people also have access to the Internet. This creates new target groups and existing ones change. It is becoming more and more important for the online marketer to know his target group and to focus on it.

Online Marketing Training

Employed you can work as an online marketing manager , a profession that is being sought more and more as companies appreciate the value of a good online presence more and more.

Recently, many distance learning academies have offered an online marketing manager course. Otherwise, a degree in business administration, media or communication sciences or media or business informatics is usually expected for such a position.

But you can also build your own business in online marketing, which generates a good additional income or even enables complete independence.

There are various online courses for this purpose, with which you can gradually develop into a specialist in one area or another.

There are a large number of online marketing agencies or freelancers who can help you with creating websites, social media, advertising copy, and graphics or with support the creation of entire books.

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