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The first thing you should know is that unfortunately for you, there is still no application that gives you money without doing anything. Imagine, that would be the human end, but, well, let’s get back to our business. How can we achieve that financial independence that we long for?

The truth is that making money online is not as difficult as most make it seem. It takes some discipline and a little effort on your part. However, if you are looking for realistic ways to start making money online now, it really comes down to a few paths that you can take to make a profit.

An algorithm, from the point of view of Computer Science, is a sequence of instructions, well defined and unambiguous, which are executed mechanically or electronically, in a specific time interval, with a finite amount of effort.

It is known that there is no precise and well-defined procedure for the production of successful enterprises, much less a method of producing wealth that follows an infallible logic. However, it is possible to think of postures and patterns of behavior that are in favor of an entrepreneurial attitude.

In practice, the Prosperity Algorithm is a kind of recipe, a list of steps necessary to carry out a task, with the production of a certain result. For example, to prepare a cake it is necessary to separate the ingredients, select the specific amount of each one and mix them following a sequence, in an appropriate place, according to a temperature X, for a time Y etc .; otherwise, the process may go wrong.

So it is with the entrepreneur, who generally follows a certain order of growth and acquisition of experiences, developing skills and behaviors with the aim of achieving success in some area or market – even knowing that his steps can lead nowhere.

What does rich means to you?

Be rich although most people’s response is a “magic number” in their bank account, wealth is the sum of four important capitals:

Human capital: all activities that contribute to your personal and interpersonal development;

Intellectual capital: all activities that increase your knowledge base;

Financial capital: all activities to earn, manage, save and move money;

Social capital: all the activities carried out to make the world a better place.

Realize that there are several factors (and not just financial) that define true wealth and motivate our brain to focus on what really matters.

Money, by itself, does not motivate our brain.

It is just a means used to acquire rewards, which can be primary (basic needs) or secondary (superfluous things). So what has value is what money means to us. That way, money becomes more (or less) powerful depending on your view of it and how you choose to use it.

Understanding what really matters to you and turning your dreams into measurable financial goals will make your brain more likely to achieve your goals.

Limiting beliefs about money

Limiting beliefs about money we all reach adulthood with conscious (or not) ideas about money. We know how people make money, how they manage, how they behave when they have a lot of money and even how much is enough money, for example.

These patterns stem from our experiences with money in our families and people around us (our community). Whether we realize it or not, these beliefs influence us and can work against us in our quest for prosperity.

Stop now to think about the types of messages you’ve received during your life:

Did your father (or anyone else) tell you that wealthy people are rude and arrogant and don’t understand or value the important things in life? Did your mother (or anyone else) express the idea that women are useless when it comes to making and managing money?

Has your family always lived close to the financial limit? Or was there always enough for your needs and some of your desires?

You can interpret these messages and their effects on yourself and challenge them in order to be able to make decisions different from those you have made in the past with respect to wealth.

For example, if your mother taught you that women should not be involved in making financial decisions and left them to your father, this should not be your way, even if it worked for her.

If your family has always lived close to the edge, you can also feel comfortable living like this. However, consider that moving away from the limit can be much healthier, financially speaking.

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