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How Milky Mama helped thousands of mamas make more milk



Lactation production is a problem for more mothers than you might think. Thankfully, solutions are available that generate the production of enough breastmilk. Milky Mama is a Californian company that specialises in lactation production products including cookies, brownies, smoothies and more. The company’s offerings have enabled women around the world to ensure their babies are getting the natural milk that they require. The products are made from natural ingredients, and some women have been able to produce so much excess breast milk they’ve had enough to donate to other families. You can see more on their Instagram.

Boosting supplies in style

Women can fail to produce substantial breast milk for many reasons. One big problem for women around the world is that their milk supplies tend to fall when they return to work. This is because they need to feed their babies every few hours to produce more milk. The lactation support products manufactured and supplied by Milky Mama can be enjoyed not only by new mothers but by men, children and pregnant ladies too. The delicious nature of the products means there is a high demand for them even amongst people who don’t have babies to feed.

Feeding babies around the world

More than 20,000 women across the world have seen a rise in their milk production levels after consuming the products. The company was founded by mother-of-two Krystal Nicole Duhaney, who is a Registered Nurse and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. When Krystal started to experience her own challenges with breast milk production, she combined her nursing knowledge with her baking expertise to create cookies to enhance her milk levels. Once she achieved the desired results, she decided to provide other mothers with access to her lactation support solutions, and Milky Mama was born.

A vibrant community

Milky Mama’s emergency brownies are ideal for scenarios when milk needs to be produced at short notice. All Milky Mama products enable mothers to produce more milk whilst going pump-free, and the herbal supplements, tropical iced tea have also proved very popularly. A vibrant community has sprung up around the brand, with mothers everywhere sharing tips, advice and stories. This community has been described as a “village of support” by Krystal. Facebook chat sessions are held each week and there is a YouTube channel, and the lactation support group has become indispensable for scores of Milky Mama-loving mothers.

Celebrity approval

The brand has also won the attention of several celebrities. Coco Austin, wife of veteran hip-hop star Ice T told her Twitter followers that she was “obsessed w/@MilkyMamaLLC lactation treats”. Most customers have been seeing a considerable rise in their lactation supplies, with around 90% of people reporting increases. Some women see results after around a week, though most have seen rises within just a few days.

Allergies and intolerances catered for

The brand also caters well for customers with food allergies and intolerances. Anyone who does need to work around an intolerance or allergy can simply contact the team for recommendations. The COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t stopped Milky Mama from getting supplies to women that need them, and the team has been working tirelessly to maintain customer satisfaction throughout lockdown.

Getting the best results

Customers are advised to enjoy a minimum of two cookies or one brownie or smoothie each day with a beverage to get the right results. It is possible to freeze Milky Mama products in the unlikely event that they haven’t been consumed after a week. They can be frozen for up to two weeks to maintain freshness. The products contain no preservatives and are also free from Fenugreek, which has been linked to colic, low blood sugar, breathing problems in asthma sufferers and excess gas.

Deals regularly available

It’s frequently possible to make big savings on Milky Mama products. The latest deals are normally reported on their social media pages on Facebook and Instagram. International shipping is available for overseas customers who have heard great things about Milky Mama and are ready to try out the products for themselves. Customers also have the chance to become Milky Mama ambassadors – to be in with a chance of being selected as one, they can follow the team on social media and let them know they are interested. A new ambassador is chosen each month. With 350k followers on Facebook and 250k on Instagram, the brand’s exposure levels are rising all the time.

More vital work

The work done by Milky Mama doesn’t stop at product provision. The internal lactation consultants at the company provide in-depth, relevant and accurate advice on subjects like breast pumping, back-to-work planning, flange sizing and latching. Rancho Cucamonga, CA plays host to a breastfeeding and lactation support group for Milky Mama customers, and online help is also available for mothers located elsewhere.

Supporting employers and employees

As returning to work can be so challenging, Milky Mama’s program team has been working with a range of employers to help them source portable lactation rooms, breastfeeding support boxes, virtual lactation consultancy services and hospital-standard breast pumps.

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