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How to use blotting paper



If you are an engraver, you surely know blotting papers, but if you dedicate yourself to other branches, most likely you do not have them so identified … Although you should, because they are tremendously useful!! As you can see in our catalog, there is a wide range of blotting papers on whatsman blotting products, of different grammages and sizes.

In principle, they are usually used to remove excess water in engraving, but it also serves to remove other liquids such as ink or paint. You should also be used in calligraphy and watercolor works, although for some strange reason it is not so frequent.

History of blotting paper

There are records of the use of blotting paper since the middle of the 15th century since remains have been found in some books as if they had been forgotten among the pages of these. They were used to soak and remove the rest of the ink from the manuscript illustrations.

How to use blotting paper

First of all, we have to start from the basis that with the blotting paper of Whatsman blotting products, we are going to eliminate excesses, not perform miracles. In other words, it is one thing to remove a little water, ink or paint and another to collect a spill with blotting paper.

That said, not because we have blotters nearby we must stop measuring the quantities with which we load our irons or brushes. To remove the excesses we have to place a piece of blotting paper larger than the stain to be removed very carefully on said excess and press as little as possible so that the liquid is seeping into the fibers of the paper and does not contaminate other surfaces. To facilitate the task, you can use a blotting paper holder that consists of two kinds of wood that form an arc so that the blotter slides like a scale on the surface you want to work, otherwise we can use a tube with the paper previously fixed to the.

If the excess to be removed is too little or if it is in a complex area in terms of accessibility, we can use the edge of the blotting paper (vertically), instead of placing it horizontally (iron style), to be able to work with more precision on the drop. When locking with the edge, the absorption surface is smaller, so this operation may have to be repeated to find the desired result.

Other uses of blotter paper

While blotting papers have one primary purpose, when it comes to making use of them, you can be very creative and discover that they have some very practical additional uses:

Matify the lips. So with its application, you can transform your lipsticks with a satin finish in matte. Just put the blotter on the surface of the lacquered lips and voila! The mirror shine disappears magically.

Substitute facial powder.  They help absorb moisture and oils from the foundation to give it a matte finish without the use of any type of finishing powder. Thus, it is possible to give longevity to the makeup fund in a very simple way.

Remove the fat from the hair roots. Using it instead of dry shampoo. You only have to press them on the scalp to absorb the fat and leave the hair clean.

Clean the mobile screen. Eliminating the trace that it leaves when it contacts the skin, especially if it is made up.

So you can choose the one you consider the best ‘blotting paper’ to control unwanted shine, Whatsman offer you many blotting paper boxes with different presentations brands and prices.

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