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Jewish Jewelry: What kind of gift is taken to a Bat Mitzvah?



Jewish jewelry acquires an inventive glamour by itself. This distinct style beautifully unifies ancient beliefs with modern fashion trends. Once you reach the ceiling of a subject, you will discover that it indicates a wonderfully cultivated spiritual posture since the centuries as a conventional blessing that indicates well-being. Many styles have become a distinct segment with the use of Hebrew signs, the motif and the appeal of the language throughout the world.

From the Hebrew and Aramaic “Bat” which means daughter and “Mitzvah”, which means commandment, the Bat Mitzvah is a ceremony of having reached a certain age for the girls of the Jewish faith. Celebrating having turned 13, this special day is often celebrated with a big party to entertain the lucky girl. If you attend a Bat Mitzvah, there is a wide variety of gifts to consider on Jewish shop, from a monetary gift to more specific ideas.

Monetary gifts

Monetary gifts may not be the most personal of gifts for the girl in her Bat Mitzvah, but these cash or check options are always much appreciated. The amount you can give varies, depending on many factors such as your relationship with the Bat Mitzvah girl, family tradition, your regional location or if the gift comes only from you or your whole family. Close relatives, such as a cousin or a very special family friend, may have to give you a larger amount of money than the daughter of a job acquaintance or a friend’s granddaughter. You can decorate a monetary gift by placing the cash or check in an envelope with a card full of warm feelings for the occasion.

Gift Certificates

A young teenager can enjoy the freedom provided by a gift certificate while maintaining a personal touch. Unlike cash or check options, you can select a gift certificate that matches the interests and personal tastes of the girl celebrating the Bat Mitzvah.


A simple and classic necklace, bracelet or earrings can be the perfect gift for the Bat Mitzvah girl. Select a piece that is the appropriate age for 13 years as a pendant or a pair of earrings with glitter or smooth. If you opt for a religious motive, consider a Star of David or Hebrew letters that represent the girl’s name. For a close friend or relative, you can select a gemstone or even the gem of the girl’s birthday month.

Jewish religious articles

Jewish religious gifts are a classic for a gift from Bat Mitzvah. A gift that represents the traditions, values ​​and/or history of Judaism will be greatly appreciated by the recipient, as well as by her family. The Bat Mitzvah girl will not be able to use this type of gift immediately, but she will certainly treasure it for years to come. Examples of such gifts include candlesticks for Shabbat, a Kiddush cup, a Tzedaká or charity box, pointers for the Torah, a special menorah or a Seder plate.

Why buy Jewish and Israeli jewelry?

People are looking for exceptional jewels that express their beliefs and have a fascinating mystical aspect that often becomes an accessory and collect Jewish jewels. Over Kabbalah and Jewish jewels, Jews people can show their pleasure about their God, as well as boost their spiritualized. There is an exceptionally wide collection of Jewish jewels and Judah jewels to give each person the dedication and spiritual enthusiasm he needs.

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