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How to save the cost of buying customer gifts



Giving a gift of gratitude to customers, to thank customers’ trust and support for the company. However, the problem of saving the cost of buying gifts for customers is always a problem for many companies. 

How to save the cost of buying customer gifts while being meaningful, not being said to be “stingy” ? Let’s find out the secret through the following article with Sangia VN.


How to save the cost of buying customer gifts

Plan to buy gifts in advance

Whatever you do, good preparation time will help us get better results. As for choosing gifts, you should have a plan to prepare gifts in advance. If possible, prepare presents 1-2 months in advance. Because you will need to spend a lot of time choosing the right gifts. For special and unique gifts, you may need a lot of time to order. Because the production side they also need time for the gift party to design and process the gifts.

In addition, if the order is far away, you still have to wait for shipping time. It may take 2-3 days after the gift was delivered and even longer. So, planning an early gift preparation is extremely necessary.


Choose the right gift for customers and the company’s finance


The problem for customers and the company’s financial problems are two very important things. You need to pay attention to giving appropriate gifts to each customer as follows:


Customers are individuals:

For intimate customers, you should choose gifts that are both meaningful and practical such as Tea set, glass set, wall clock, etc. These gifts should be printed with the logo of the company. My company has both values for use with customers, reminiscent of the company’s image.

Customers are businesses and organizations:

You should donate display gifts such as a wall painting, wall clock or wall hanging, … You also need to pay attention to the cost of buying customers’ gifts with the benefits that customers bring.

For customers who have great benefits, they should give higher value gifts. And especially, don’t forget to print your logo on the gift with 


Select a reputable and cheap shipping unit.

For a large company with many customers who need to give gifts, it is impossible to send staff to the place to give gifts. So, you will need to ask about the transport units.

Transporting many gifts to many customers will also cost a lot. So, you need to choose a transport unit that is both reputable and quality and has a good price.

Golden rule to find Unique Gifts for guests

Each customer gift is an expression of gratitude as well as a form of brand communication of that business. Therefore, when selecting products, there should be the following basic notes:


– Always update the latest products of gift companies, as SanGia VN gifts company.


– Unique to customers is what customers have never received. Don’t be confused with originality that you never gave them, because maybe another business has already given it.


– Originality must go hand in hand with practicality and suitability we have mentioned below. Don’t let your gift becomes useless or less useful.


– Don’t forget to print the logo on every gift you give. Find any company that has the best logo and gifts at the cheapest price.


– Gifts may not be unique, but a unique container or a lively bag is enough to attract customers.

The above are the most cost-effective ways to buy customer gifts that we would like to introduce to you. 

In addition, if you are looking for a gift supplier or logo on a gift, please contact Qua tang SanGia VN via a hotline: 0915039109 – 0987671626 or website: to buy gifts and print your logo on the gift with the most preferential price. 

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