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Gifts for children according to the Jewish tradition



Finding the perfect gift for a Jewish child can be a unique task. If you’ve never bought a gift for a Jewish child, this could be quite confusing to you. In your research, you may come across objects unknown to you. This article will provide you with a list of popular gifts for a Jewish child. Here you can view more for Jewish gift.


Bibs are a perfect gift because they are cute and instrumental. Choose a bib that says “My first Hanukkah”, “Shalom” or any other phrase related to the Jewish tradition. That is a perfect way to allow the child to celebrate his first Jewish anniversaries. A bib with the child’s name embroidered in Hebrew is another idea for a valued gift.


Giving cubes for children with the Hebrew alphabet written is a great way to make children learn the Hebrew alphabet, or to help them develop building skills related to playing with cubes.

These cubes can be found in many Jewish stores or on the internet.


Many Jewish men wear a Kippah. If you are buying a gift for a Jewish boy, consider purchasing a small kippah. Kippahs for children are placed on the head and secured with a soft ribbon. Kippah can wear ceremony dedicated to the birth of the child, as well as at weekly meetings at the synagogue.


Children’s books are always a useful gift for every child. Children’s books written in Hebrew, with sections dedicated to the first Jewish holidays of the child and the most common Hebrew words are a great way to celebrate his birth in the Jewish faith.

Bar Mitzvah Gift

The Bar Mitzvah is a Jewish ceremony through which the boy enters his majority. If the age is in principle 13 years for the boy, Bat Mitzvah can generally at 12 years for the girls. If this rite celebrated since the middle Ages, the ways of doing it have not changed, including the gifts we offer on this occasion. For rewards to give to a Mitzvah Bar there are now a variety of little things you can bring for the event.

Gift ideas for a mitzvah bar: Star of David pendant

If you are going to a Bar Mitzvah ceremony, you may not know what kind of bar mitzvah / Bat Mitzvah gift to choose. To give you an idea, you can select from talith, tefillin which are two boxes containing scrolls and kippah. Otherwise, there is also the circumcision cushion, the glass of Kiddush without forgetting the Shabbat tablecloth, the table of Tzedaka.

But one of Bar Mitzvah’s greatest gifts, one of those that can be kept for a lifetime, is, of course, a pendant with the Star of David.

And for gifts for religious holidays, you will have a wide choice, in particular, the talith pouch, the tip, the Kiddush glass as well as the talith clips (which is the prayer shawl that the young man will have to wear during the ceremony). But it is also possible to offer the kippot clip, the Star of David pendant or a Hebrew pendant.

As for invitations, you can send a bar mitzvah invitation; decorate the room with mitzvah bar decorations. Without forgetting the barmitzvah, the kosher dragees (we don’t only offer them for the brith-Mila) and the essential mezuzah which will have to sit next to your door, the custom Kippoths and the kiddush glasses. And if you want a gift that will last there are all the shabath utensils cheaper. And to brighten up the day, think of the Hasidic and Israeli music CDs.

Celebrating a mitzvah bar and bat mitzvah is in principle an important day for Jews. The preparation is, therefore done with full enthusiasm and joy. For the Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitsvah gifts, those who invite to the ceremony can choose from all these varieties of little things to fill the young boy or girl.

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