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What kind of gift is taken to a Bat Mitzvah?



From the Hebrew and Aramaic “Bat” which means daughter and “Mitzvah”, which means commandment, the Bat Mitzvah is a ceremony of having reached a certain age for the girls of the Jewish faith. Celebrating having turned 13, this special day is often celebrated with a big party to entertain the lucky girl. If you attend a Bat Mitzvah, there is a wide variety of gifts to consider, from a monetary gift to more specific ideas on Jewish community website form Israel.

Monetary gifts

The amount you can give varies, depending on many factors such as your relationship with the Bat Mitzvah girl, family tradition, your regional location or if the gift comes only from you or your whole family. Close relatives, such as a cousin or a very special family friend, may have to give you a larger amount of money than the daughter of a job acquaintance or a friend’s granddaughter. You can decorate a monetary gift by placing the cash or check in an envelope with a card full of warm feelings for the occasion.

Gift Certificates

A young teenager can enjoy the freedom provided by a gift certificate while maintaining a personal touch. Unlike cash or check options, you can select a gift certificate that matches the interests and personal tastes of the girl celebrating the Bat Mitzvah. For example, if you know you have a favorite brand or store, try a gift certificate from a local store, mall or online store. Another option is to give a gift certificate for a favorite activity or sport such as skiing, horse riding or ice skating.


A simple and classic necklace, bracelet or earrings can be the perfect gift from the Jewish community website form Israel for the Bat Mitzvah girl. Select a piece that is the appropriate age for 13 years as a pendant or a pair of earrings with glitter or smooth. If you opt for a religious motive, consider a star of David or Hebrew letters that represent the girl’s name. For a close friend or relative, you can select a gemstone or even the gem of the girl’s birthday month.

The types of gifts you give the countrymen in Rosh Hashanah

Apple-shaped ornaments.

If you do not know how many ornaments in the form of apple or apple with honey. Yes, they definitely go with the decoration of the Rosh Hashanah season but … And the rest of the year? After several years of giving and receiving pots, plates, cups, vases, cutting boards, ornaments, feathers, salt shakers, napkin rings, containers, etc., etc. The Jews have all the kitchen, gardening and stationery accessories with apple and honey motifs.

Plants and more plants

Some years ago they were the famous elephant plants, and then the bonsai became fashionable and now, without doubt, the succulent ones. An excellent gift to start the year is to give life. So people are going to be able to really look and not have to move them from a container.

Shuk as the gift bazaar of Rosh Hashanah

Modernity has reached the entire community since we have Shuk on Facebook and this season acts as a virtual bazaar for gifts and paraphernalia of Jewish holidays. Obviously you also find, Jewish products on Jewish community website form Israel? Of course! Crafts? Yes! You name it and Shuk and Jewish community website offers it to you.

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