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Mechanical Engineer Muneer Lyati – a rescuer of the automotive industry.



Mecca, Saud Arabia (18 June 2021): Muneer Majahed Lyati is a successful mechanical engineer that changes the automotive industry’s scenario. Through his expertise in Engines ad vehicles, the established engineer has been able to successfully train freshers looking for a similar career.

He was born on 16 November the city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia. He has completed his graduation from Jeddah College of technology pursuing his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. He had a keen interest in the Automotive sector. With his bewildering technical knowledge, skillsets, and a high GPA, i.e., 3.86 of 5, he gained immense popularity in his 20s and excelled in the industry.

From being a part of the Engineering student association as a secretary to holding many real-time projects, the engineer has excelled in the Automotive sector in a shake. As a secretary, he had to jot down the minutes of meetings and write memos.

Throughout his years as a student, he had been developing many skillsets exponentially. He began with taking English courses. Later on, he exponentially developed his computing skills. Furthermore, he had coherently opted for some other courses such as firefighting, divemaster, OSH professional, principles of effective supervision, and IOSH management.

In his final years as a college student, he had taken cooperative training at the Alharmani-Fuchs Petroleum. He had earned many skills there apart from being a maintenance engineer.

As a trainee, he also favoured participating as an operator in the Hussain Al- Ali institute.

After completing his graduation in 2016, he has undertaken several projects related to his research on Hybrid Electric Vehicle, which is intended to improve car’s efficiency with smaller displacements in ICE and expand the markets.

He participated in many training programs in Bin Laden Company,  Al-Jaziah Vehicles Company, and Al-Shayi Trading Company. These were some of the most prestigious companies he previously worked at. Here, Lyati gained a lot of experience and huge exposure to working with diverse groups of people.

In his initial years as a trainee, Lyati worked in many organizations to pick up excellent interpersonal skills. Today he is a known personality in the entire continent of Saudi Rabia.

One of his greatest achievements was the Hybrid Bayesian network in Hybrid Electric vehicles (HEV). An inefficient arrangement is considered to hinder the vehicle’s performance and disrupt productivity and social relations.

The innovation in the automobile industry was claimed to fix the public and private transport system and improve the economy. The objective of his projects was to display the classification of, Parallel HEV, Series HEV and combination HEV in multi-utility cars.

The research on Hybrid Electric vehicle also presents the configuration and vehicle control. The vehicles can save fuel compared to other traditional vehicles.

On a macroscopic level, the Hybrid Electric Vehicle stores a part of the kinetic energy in the battery when the brake is applied or during downslope. The heat of the conventional vehicle is then rejected in the brake drums. This is carried out without altering the efficiency of the machine. The piston-cylinder arrangement in the Internal Combustion Engine is constructed so that there is little or smaller displacement of the piston in the HEV, which in turn is intended to control the output power of the battery that will dissipate the necessary power. This way, the Hybrid Electric Vehicle runs the Internal Combustion Engines at maximum efficiency without any heat loss, thereby optimizing the vehicle’s operation.

The multi-energy system comes with a primary challenge: to increase the flow of energy to achieve fuel economy. The low emission costs generated therein is addressed as a problem of energy management. Or EM. This issue is effectively solved through in-depth inspection by the experts like Muneer.


Muneer had also worked in Al Jazirah Vehicles and Al bin laden organization as a safety supervisor where he learnt time management and working under expert supervision. He was given assignments that he had to complete before the stressful deadlines. This helped to enhance his work efficiency and build management skills. By working in these two companies, he gathered a lot of experience in the automobile sector and learnt how to work under someone and a team. Eventually, he grew his leadership skills.

Currently, Muneer Lyati is working as a professional trainer at technical and vocational training organizations. He is thoroughly approaching his aim of becoming an engine and vehicle specialist.

Muneer is a people person and takes an interest in interacting with people. Because of their good convincing skills, he can fully satisfy his customers. Many customers have been happy with the contents provided by Muneer and have been eager to proceed with the purchase.  All of his engines and products are well-tested and are put under quality and durability inspections. These inspections are done to check the long-lasting nature and shelf life of the engine and its parts. By far, no complaint has been raised by any of his customers. Muneer’s products have been proven to be reliable over the years.

Muneer tends to possess powerful computational skills and methods which have helped him to solve some real-time problems. With his comprehensive nature and excellent presentation skills, he can work on PowerPoint presentations and use MS Word and MS excel. Apart from these, some cognitive skills include Auto Cad, Carriage work, SAP system and Mat Lab Solid System.

In his trainee days, Sarti has acquired leadership skills that have helped him build a good team to handle his projects. He administers his teams to work evidently and does strategic planning, which has helped many freshers effectively solve a solution.

Lyati’s unique approach to technical solutions has created huge fame in the industry and his college years. His curiosity to dismantle the problem and find a solution in the field has developed his interest in engineering over the years. With his ability to comprehend complex problems, he has resolved such issues and reconstructs much equipment for the automobile industry. Many projects were undertaken by him, which included industrial equipment failure and innovation in technology.

Besides being an engineer, Muneer is also a vocational blogger and a professional trainer. He has been socially active since his college days. More than a thousand followers on social media platforms have gained him immense popularity. His uniqueness in every approach to solutions has impressed many experts in the industry, which is why he is a well-known mechanical engineer in the automotive industry.

Through intricate research, it has been discovered that Muneer also specializes in writing articles on his blogs. Some of them have been published on many renowned websites on Google. His popular blogs include “WHY SHOULD YOU GET IN TOUCH WITH AN AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEER?” where he mentioned that automotive designers are automotive engineers. He has been able to bring out the importance of the automobile industry and mentioned some of the key responsibilities of an automotive engineer.

Many of his blogs also include subjects like Artificial Intelligence, where he portrayed the radical changes that can be brought about by adding technological advancements in the manufacturing sector and streamlining the processes, enabling enhanced life-cycle expenses of the products and supplementing the growth in the corporate field.

Some of the other advancements that he mentioned in his blogs are advanced self-driving automobiles such as cars, trucks, SUVs and other multi-utility vehicles. Motorized vehicles use artificial intelligence systems to monitor and diagnose safety and performance issues in the engines. He has able to extract and present the importance of AI technology and its association with the industry’s growth.

He has also included some of the major products of artificial intelligence companies such as  Waymo,  Zoox, Cravi, Optimus ride, Nauto etc. Muneer Lyati holds a strong belief that the automotive industries are blooming with artificial intelligence products and functions and that the advancement will replace the sector in the upcoming years.

Muneer Lyarti has also received many awards for his hard work and determination. He has been highlighted as an excellent leader and a good trainer in many companies he worked at. He is currently working on major concerns of automobile buyers to the government and non-governmental organizations.  He was also awarded by the technical and Vocational Training Corporation for his project on increasing engine efficiency and reduction of emissions.

One of his biggest achievements also included his book on car light maintenance. The ISBN number of his book is 9789779903460.

Muneer Lyati has successfully been able to achieve his goals because of his uniqueness and his consistent efforts. Being a part of the industry for 5 consecutive years, he has gained a lot of experience and trained many students. He admires that knowledge requires no age and that there is no limit to learning and developing new skills. He plans to open an offline store of his own in the upcoming years that will be launched on his website soon, where he will mention his upcoming inventions.


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