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Automotive technology to be seen in the years 2030 -2040



Staying up-to-date with the latest trends in automotive technology is something we shouldn’t miss. At present, there is a high competition in the automobile industry, new cars, new features, put together as a play. But in the next few years, the automotive world is expected to change, making everyone more and more excited every year. With a leap forward development that has it all in the near future world Maybe we’ll get to see flying cars like they’re rumored to be. In this challenge, we have to come together again to see which camp will create a novelty first. Let’s see what innovations that are going to happen in the future.

The era of the use of fuel oil is over. become 100% electric

In the years 2030-2040, it is expected that the world will be “end of the era of petrol cars”. Because now many countries are awake with the production of electric cars. because it is a renewable resource easy to use And it plays an important role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions that are a problem of global warming. as well as to reduce air pollution However, we also need to provide fuel for charging the battery only. Development of electric cars to run longer more battery capacity Run faster in various sports cars. more safety Should have seen each other for sure.

Because the cost of producing batteries is going to decrease. causing the price of electric trains to be lower than the price of petrol Therefore, it is not surprising that the future will be full of modernity and convenience, with various functions in use. to increase the value of the car We may have seen the use of the iris to open the car. on the fingerprint to scan into the car start the engine, it is possible.

Driverless vehicle technology 

Developing driverless car technology has always been a huge challenge for automakers. Because of the complexity Safety must go hand in hand rather than using the driver. It must be very thorough and thorough. We think that this innovator’s abilities should be intelligent enough to easily create a self-driving car on the road.

The benefits of modern automotive technology in the future

  1. Help reduce road accidents

At present, the automatic brake assist system airbags around the car smart sensor. The safety that each camp provides is different. It’s enough for preventing accidents and taking care of the safety of the car enough. But the developers have not stopped as much as this. Still innovating new technologies that will help make it even safer in the future. This will have to wait and see what technology system will be.

  1. Protect the environment reduce global warming

If in the future this world turns to use electric cars more and more. The first thing that will help the environment of our planet from global warming is clean energy that will reduce carbon dioxide emissions and does not cause global warming In addition, the production of electric vehicles from fuel is also environmentally friendly can actually be brought back to use when we inhale the air It will not harm the body as well.

  1. Help to facilitate more comfort

For children, the elderly or the handicapped. It may be difficult. If there is no automatic car to help, so when technology comes to facilitate. It will help make their lives easier as ever.

  1. Reduce the risk of accidents

The development of driverless cars with high safety It will greatly reduce road accidents. Because of the use of automated vehicles. The car will move on its own. Don’t have to worry about accidents caused by negligence that will injure others or died

  1. Save on fuel costs

The price of oil is likely to continue to rise in the future. If there is renewable energy such as electricity coming in it will make our travel expenses much cheaper.

  1. The price of the car is quite high.

electric car must use high-efficiency production Will result in a very high price, such as the various Tesla Model cars of the future world godfather Elon musk that cost up to 2 million baht.

  1. Personal suitability

In a situation where many people will have to travel long distances or have to make time to travel in electric vehicle option might not be the answer to your needs looking for a charging source enough charging for various trips or technology systems that are too advanced beyond comprehension

  1. Don’t believe in safety

Electric cars can actually help reduce road accidents. But the safety cannot be predicted that. If one day it crashes, will it still be safe? because the electrical system is quite complicated Which many people may not be sure at this point how much It may take a lot of development time to build confidence. But it is not certain for the next 10 years we may see the exact safety is possible.

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