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The Bulldozer: its usefulness and its different uses



The Tractor team presents a construction machine and gives you advice on its use in its blog. The objective is simple: give useful and summary information to better understand certain details of the machine or offer you tip to optimize its use. This week, the Bulldozer is in the spotlight technology.

The bulldozer: an ultra-powerful machine!

An earthmoving machine, the bulldozer, is a crawler or tire tractor with at least one blade at the front which is used to level and move materials. Its main characteristic is its power because nothing can resist it! In addition, you can get the bulldozer from powerful Komatsu bulldozers.

The different types of work to be done with the bulldozer

This machine is used for:

  • Level the grounds;
  • Deforest/deforest;
  • Clean the topsoil;
  • Pull plows;
  • Adjust the soil to stabilize it;
  • Picking up the ground;
  • Push a scraper (with a push blade).

Good practices and points for vigilance

  • Respect the security measures defined by the company or the SPS coordinator;
  • Define the site’s footprint, risk areas and traffic rules;
  • Locate the various existing networks;
  • Take into account the size of the machine and the weight depending on the areas crossed;
  • Identify slope slopes according to the width of the tracks;
  • Be equipped according to the nature of the work performed (PPE, signage, etc.);
  • Put the land in a slope to avoid landslides;
  • Set up suction and/or ventilation device;
  • Create a security perimeter

Note that these devices are subject to general periodic checks annual are and that these checks do not replace the maintenance provided by the manufacturer.

Technical description of different models

The power of the Bulldozer is almost similar to that of the tractor and varies from 25 to 1000 horsepower, for a weight ranging from 5 tons to 100 tons depending on the model. The length of the blade is between 1m80 and 6m.

There are two main models:

  • Crawler bulldozer (their width is adapted to different types of terrain, wide caterpillars are reserved for steep terrain such as for sloping);
  • Tire bulldozer (has the advantage of being more versatile)

Speed ​​is the main criterion distinguishing these two models. Also note that the machines named angle-dozers, tilt-dozer, and tip-dozer are part of the bulldozer family (the name is given according to the type of blade)

Composition of the bulldozer

It consists of a blade at the front and a ripper tooth (router), a scarifies, a winch at the rear. Small important precision concerning the blade, there are at least 3 large types of blade: earthmoving blade, push blade and blade for forestry work.

When to use the bulldozer?

The bulldozer is perfectly suited for construction sites on the loose ground (mobile and detachable elements on the ground). Its significant weight makes it not very mobile (maximum speed 12km/h) and makes its use inopportune if the displacements require to cover a distance greater than 100m.

Thus, its productivity depends on the condition and slopes of the terrain, the quality of the blade, the materials to be moved/demolished, the transport distance (number of round trips to perform).

The bulldozer is also essential to push a scraper (also called a scraper) and which allows materials to be extracted from the ground.