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Mechanical keyboard: how it works and which one to choose for your gaming



Mechanical keyboards have separate activation mechanisms for each key, which in practice represents an increase in the durability and accuracy of the keyboard during use compared to traditional membrane keyboards. For these reasons, keyboards that use this mechanism are highly sought after by gamers, e-sports professionals, and even users focused on producing large volumes of text, such as writers and journalists. You will check the mechanical keyboard reviews before choosing the keyboards.

Within the category of mechanical keyboards, there are singularities that influence usability. Want to improve your gaming experience or are you looking for a more durable and comfortable keyboard? Follow the reading, because in this article we will talk a little more about how keyboards work with this mechanism and what is the best way to choose a mechanical keyboard to call your own.

What is a mechanical keyboard?

Unlike membrane keypads, mechanical keypads are equipped with a switch on each of their keys, a set of key actuators with their own propeller and spring that have better response time and greater durability. In addition to the system with individual springs on each key, some models of the mechanical keyboards have sound emission with each actuation so that it is possible to perceive that the key was pressed.

Mechanical keyboards are designed mainly for playing games and activities that require greater sensitivity in the use of keys, factors that make them more expensive than membrane keyboards. The amount charged for this type of keyboard also varies according to the quality of the product, so the greater the demand for professional use for playing games, for example, the higher the price charged.

In addition to the value, there are other differences between the mechanical keyboard and the one that works using membranes. Mechanical keyboards are usually larger, less discreet, but with much shorter response times when keys are pressed. Another differential is the possibility of personalization through the lighting located under the keys. In some models, it is possible to configure different colors and tones and so far and which regions of the keyboards will have their lights turned on during the game.

How to choose a mechanical keyboard

Faced with the doubt about which mechanical keyboard to choose, we can start by understanding the different characteristics of the switches, the spring actuation mechanism present in each key of the mechanical keyboards responsible for transforming the pressure made by the finger on the key into an electrical impulse that will be interpreted computer as a command. When analyzing the characteristics of the different switches available, it is possible to see that each model can be more or less advantageous according to the user’s profile.


If you have never used a mechanical keyboard and want to leave the membrane keyboards, but do not have typing as a priority, do not play games that require a lot of sensitivity and use of several keys at the same time, mechanical keyboards with linear switches are a good option.

But if typing and precision in pressing the keys are priorities for you, but without producing a lot of noise during use, then you should opt for keyboards with tactile switches. Now if what you are looking for is the best possible gamer usability combined with the best typing comfort, short response time, tactile sensitivity, and audible feedback, then surely clickable mechanical touch keyboards should be your choice.

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