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NVIDIA launches its new Game Ready 419.67 and new G-Sync Compatible monitors



NVIDIA has released a new driver Game Ready for Battlefield V: Firestorm, the new way battle royale for Battlefield V. The list of monitors compatible with G-SYNC continues to expand with the addition of the VG258 and VG278QR models from Asus. The new drivers also support Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and introduce optimizations for NVIDIA DLSS and XDR Ray Tracing in Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

Game Ready for Battlefield V: Firestorm

The new Game Ready controllers optimize the experience in Firestorm, the new battle royale mode of Battlefield V. The Game Ready drivers are available from the release date of the main titles, or even before, and are designed to offer the best gaming experience. All Game Ready Drivers have the WHQL quality certificate granted by Microsoft.

Two new monitors compatible with G-SYNC and NVIDIA Surround

The program G-SYNC Compatible NVIDIA expand the ecosystem G-SYNC, a technology that improves the gaming experience optimizing refresh rate variable input (RRA) of the monitor. The new drivers add two new monitor models to the compatible list:

  • The 25-inch monitor Asus VG258
  • The 27-inch monitor Asus VG278WR

Through the G-SYNC Compatible program, NVIDIA works with leading monitors manufacturers to integrate this technology into models compatible with the Adaptive Sync protocol. Those who pass the quality test receive the “G-SYNC Compatible” stamp. The new Game Ready controller also introduces NVIDIA Surround, which allows you to use three G-SYNC Compatible monitors simultaneously.

CRD and GRD 

Last week NVIDIA released the first Creator Ready Driver (CRD) drivers, which share the version number with these GRDs. With slight variations depending on the updates of the different creative applications and the launch schedule of Game Ready Driver, CRD and GRD should share the same version number. However, often the Game Ready Driver version will be higher than the current Creator Ready Driver.

According to Happy-Gamer NVIDIA Rolls out Latest Game-Ready Driver. NVIDIA created the Game Ready Driver program in 2014 to offer the best gaming experience from the day of the launch of the main titles. Since then, the update of Game Ready drivers has gone hand in hand with the release of the most anticipated videogames. For players who give priority to having the best support in the main games since its launch, as well as with the latest patches and DLC, Game Ready Driver represents the best option.

Following the same reasoning, NVIDIA now offers the Creator Ready Driver program. Designed to ensure the best performance, functionality, and stability in the main creative applications, the CRDs are launched after having been tested intensively and will be launched with the ideal cadence to support the activity and the creators’ needs in the best possible way. of contents. Therefore, for all creators who prioritize the stability and quality of their workflows, including video editing, animation, photography, graphic design, and live broadcasts, Creator Ready drivers are the best option. For users who consider themselves players and creators, the best choice will be Game Ready Drivers.

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