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Personality Test for Recruitment – The test to have the right people in the organization



There is no organization that gets employees as it requires. People have different qualities and hence HR needs to determine what type of people is required on which position. The quality of an individual is difficult to judge and therefore to facilitate the HR there are tests developed by the experts of this field. The tests are able to provide the results in a definite way which can help the HR decide whom to hire and whom not.

In this era, HR has ample options as far as the personality test for recruitment is concerned. One can go offline as well as online options that can help to have a desired profile at the required position. Every position has different types of qualities required and hence the personality test has got a huge relevance in this era. One can get a ready to use test or get one developed for a specific organization.

Why personality test becomes mandatory in organizations?

One of the major economic problems in today’s world is unemployment. Unemployment is increasing rapidly with the increasing ratio literacy rate. Most of the educated people are still unemployment due to the increasing population. Even most of you have observed a lot of time that people with strings and money get a job only, which means they snatch the opportunity of deserving ones. Therefore, the personality test should be declared as a mandatory test in the organizations at the time of hiring.

The personality test is beneficial for both the parties which are employer and candidate because an employer will get an employee who takes his company towards the growth whereas a deserving candidate will the employment only. With the help of this test, an organization can filter suitable candidates only who have the potential to do the work. From the bulk of quantity, they would be able to select quality thorough personality tests.

A personality test was designed to filter the details of a candidate. It also informs a recruiter what are the strong areas of a candidate and what are the weakest ones. It helps the employer to know about the thought process of an employee whether he is capable of doing the job or not. Many hidden secrets get reveal through this test only.

Through personality test, a recruiter would be able to scrutinize all the details of a candidate as there is no chance for cheating and fake scores by which a candidate can easily crack the interview. Such a test should be conducted often so that the employer will always know about the changes in his staff. At the time of hiring, and at regular intervals, this test should be conducted for the betterment of your organization. Many times it occurs that a candidate is talented but would not able to showcase his talent due to lack of confidence but through this test, he would be able to show his hidden talent.

About the Personality test

Personality test prepares with 80 simple questions where a candidate gets the maximum time limit of 20 minutes. This test has taken in the English language but if your organization wishes to take it in a different language other than English then you can. This test is based on the five-factor model concept (FFM). It consists of office traits that a candidate must possess to get a job. This test is prepared by experts who have got more than 26 traits.

Importance of the Five-Factor Model (FFM)

The five-factor model concept assists a recruiter to scrutinize the complete details of a candidate in terms of body language, behavior, reaction. Here you get the time to judge a candidate on its abilities and areas where he has a weakness. Therefore, below we discuss some important aspects of personality test:

Energy Level: A candidate is passionate about his work or not and can work up to a long period of time or not.

Quick Learner: A candidate must learn new things quickly.

Flexible in situations: Instead of keeping an employee himself sad in panic moments he should be facing them with confidence. He must stay flexible and adopt a new atmosphere quickly.

Supportiveness: At the moment of colleague’s need, a candidate must support him/her instead of trying to throw him/her out of the company whereas at the moments of promotions support him/her to stay motivated and keep a good level of work because supportive behavior is healthy for a company.

Awareness: On the field, it is necessary to keep your focus on the work. A candidate must stay aware of what are the current affairs of the company then only he will able to work properly without any knowledge of organization he keeps himself in vain.

Who designs this test and how?

Personality test prepare by people of society industrial and organizational psychology who are associated with APA, they prepare this module under the guidelines of ATP to ensure that the questions are simple. The question paper sets through the campaigns where data was collected from 2000 different people based on age group, gender, background, color, religion, perspective, working group, literates & illiterates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a person fake its test scores through any method?

No, a person can’t fake its test scores because the correct answers are retrieved through scientific method patterns.

Can organizations customize their own set of questions in the personality tests?

Yes, an organization can customize the personality test according to their requirements. Because different organizations have different work and according to the work they have their own set of questions. They need to ask the experts so they will design the test according to the organization’s requirements.

Where this personality test should be conducted?

There is no specific area, where personality tests should be taken. It can be conducted in any industry either it is an IT Industry or Tourism industry. But industries who have often contact with customers or who have customer dealing services should conduct this test. Therefore, they will come to know about the perspectives of their employees and know whether he will handle the circumstances or no.