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Raising the standard with luxury luggage company Monos



The luxury travel luggage manufacturer Monos has become renowned for the quality of its luxury luggage solutions over recent years. Famed for its attention to detail, the company works closely alongside carefully-chosen manufacturers to source materials and parts from some of the world’s top brands. Each of the suitcases that it manufactures and supplies is subjected to 40 different tests to ensure the most exacting standards are met. The company has a huge passion for travel and aims its products at customers who feel the same way about exploring the world.

A range of stringent tests

When the team are checking their products for quality, a stunning 40 different tests are carried out. These tests are designed to ensure the products can withstand everything they are likely to face during global transit. Monos use the same parts and materials as the less affordable products on the market but can offer lower prices due to the way they sell directly to their customers, removing the middleman from the process.

Close customer relations

A big part of the company’s philosophy is to form strong human connections. These connections enable them to create tough bonds with their collaborators, customers and clients. The products that the company manufacturers are noted for their timeless visual appeal as well as their durability. If they are ever unable to source a part that they need, they work closely alongside industry specialists to create it themselves. Two of the company’s most popular ranges are the Terracotta and Terrazzo Collections.

Carefully-chosen collaborators

The team only work with companies that share their passion for quality and meeting the highest standards. They pay attention to even the smallest of details and aim to ensure that getting from A to B is a highly fulfilling, stress-free experience. Monos are incredibly passionate about promoting mindfulness during travel so the world’s deepest beauty can be appreciated. A key Monos slogan is “good is the enemy of great” and this reflects their determination to deliver the best quality possible.

Products used around the world

Monos products are taken to countries around the world, and the team visit a host of manufacturers before deciding which ones to source parts and materials from. The vast majority of manufacturers and factories Monos have met with have not been able to meet their expectations. The companies Monos have chosen to work with were picked for their craftsmanship, attention to detail and market expertise. The company’s CEO Colin still inspects each Carry-On case before it is put on the market.

Reimagining the classic suitcase

Over the years, the company has spent vast amounts of time and money on rethinking the traditional suitcase to make it suitable for modern requirements. The innovations they have created have increased longevity, ease-of-use, appearance and durability. As part of the company’s reimagining of the conventional suitcase, it replaced the traditional cast zinc of the classic telescopic handle with high-grade aluminium. The telescopic assembly was overhauled to reduce torsional and lateral movement, with the handle release button being relocated to the underside of the suitcase to enhance its ergonomic qualities.

Durable materials that stand the test of time

Monos have scoured the world to find robust, pioneering materials for their luggage cases. These have included the aerospace-grade German Makrolon polycarbonate, used for vacuum forming. This material was chosen because it is almost impossible to break despite its light weight. The material has boosted the cases’ impact-resistance. Lisof Silent Run wheels from Mitsubishi collaborator also form part of the cases and have allowed the company to keep sound to a minimum whilst boosting durability and performance. Interior fabric consists of durable, waterproof and antibacterial 350 polyester.

Intense testing

The 40 test Monos carry out have enabled it to become one of the most trusted luxury suitcase manufacturers in the industry. The tumble test sees cases loaded with 16kg weights before they are placed in a rotating chamber that simulates the high drops, dangerous impacts and rough handling they are likely to be met with. In the mileage test, cases are angled then rolled onto a bumped treadmill to simulate uneven terrain. As part of the drop test, the case of stored at minus 12 degrees for several hours before being dropped from height onto various surfaces, corners and edges.

Getting in touch with the Monos team

The team at Monos pride themselves on their close relationships with their customers. This means they are quick to respond to any queries they might have about their products. The Monos website features in-depth information about the products they supply and the 40 tests they are subjected to. To get in touch with the Monos customer service team today, send a message to Alternatively, contact them via their Facebook or Instagram pages.

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