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Right Way to Introduce Cat & Dog CBD Treats to Your Pets



Ever had that depressing feeling that comes when your pet is not well? Of course, you have, and any pet owner will agree with that and in turn, do all they can to restore their pet’s health to normal. Imagine your normally lively dog now dull and sleeps for almost the entire day! It is literally sickening just by the thought of it! Pet diseases were and still are being treated by the administration of prescription drugs most of which have adverse side effects on the animal’s body, even though they’re meant to help control the disease.

The recent past has however seen veterinarians embracing the use of SimplyPets CBD, one of the many extract compounds of the cannabis plant, in treating all sorts of animal diseases. The fact that CBD is a compound extract of the cannabis plant is undoubtedly bound to raise a lot of questions, especially with regards to its use in animals. Research and extensive research for that matter has shown that CBD has more health benefits that no other drug can compare. This may sound weird owing to the fact of its source.

Debates are currently going on all over about whether or not it is safe to use CBD in treating pets. This is mostly attributable to the fact that cannabis is still illegal in many states and no official declaration by any medical body has been made concerning whether it is safe to use CBD on pets or not.

Some vets have however welcomed the use of CBD in treating animal diseases, and an example is Dr. Cornelia Wagner from Portland. Dr. Wagner is of the idea that cannabis is an effective and safe medicine only if it is given in the right dosages. She has gone further to acknowledge the fact that there are no proper medical guidelines on how cannabis ought to be taken. For this reason, she advises that if CBD is used on animals, one should consider starting off with small doses. This is because pets, dogs particularly, experience the effects much more intensely than we humans do. After the first dose has been administered, a keen observation should follow and once satisfied that there are no side effects at all, the dosage can then be increased gradually.

Some of the side effects to look out for include disorientation, vomiting, and even over-excitement. If these are not registered, then it is safe to increase the dose slightly. The increase in dosage according to Dr. Wagner should be made after an interval of at least five days, and the amount should be raised by only half a millimeter in every increase. This process should be done until the desired change in the pet is achieved. The administration of CBD may be done using infused dog treats, cannabis tinctures or even whole plant extract formulas. Syringes may be used to ensure that the dosages are small and that they are directly squirted quickly into the pet’s mouth.

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