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What are the best dental chews for dogs?



Let us set the scene: you stroll into the hallway after a long day at work and your furry friend bounces on you and gives all of you the doggie kisses on the planet. It sounds sweet, but the reality is – their breath stinks!

Your sweet little pup is simply attempting to demonstrate to you how much they missed you, yet all you want to do is recoil. Fortunately, dental chews for dogs can come in handy in this type of situation. As well as helping to freshen up your pooch’s breath, they can also help with gum wellbeing and diminish plaque and tartar build-up.

Here we’ll go through some of the best dental chews for dogs that you should consider buying for your four-legged friend. Click the link if you need to top up on dog dental chews and would like a tasty discount!

      1.SmartBones SmartSticks Peanut Butter Dog Chews

This dog treat from SmartBoneshas been created after years of research; it’s tough enough to allow hard-chewers to exercise their canine teeth, plus keep them free from plaque buildup. Ideal for both small and large dogs, unlike most chews on the market, SmartBones do not contain rawhide which has often been associated with intestinal blockages. Instead, they’re a tasty mix of vegetables, chicken and vitamins and minerals. 

      2.OraVet Dental Hygiene Chews for Dogs

Voted best for pet parents on a budget, OraVet Dental Hygiene Chews for Dogs have proven that it is possible to keep your dog’s teeth healthy and happy using a simple feeding method. The tasty chew incorporates delmopinol that helps fight and get rid of plaque that might have built up on your dog’s teeth, whilst also eliminating the bad bacteria that causes smelly breath.

      3.Pedigree Dentastix Dental Treats
These X shaped patented Pedigree Dentastix help to fight plaque and the rising of tartar. There are a lot of flavors of this product, so your pooch will never get bored of keeping their teeth tip-top. Due to the shape of Dentastix, these treats are more suited to larger dogs who weigh 30 pounds or more.

      4.Blue Buffalo Dental Bones
The Blue Buffalo bones are accessible in various sizes, so you can get your canine one that will suit their size. The treats are designed to help alleviate pooch’s sore gums, so they’re a huge help if you have a teething dog on your hands. DHA is included, which is an Omega-3 fatty acid, helping improve memory and brain health. It also has Taurine which will keep your dog’s immune system fighting fit and contribute towards a healthy heart. As well as keeping teeth clean, these bones also keep dog’s breath fresh.

      5.Zuke’s Z Dental Bones
Suitable for dogs who weigh at least 10 pounds or over, Zuke’s Z Dental Bones will help renew your canine’s breath, clean their teeth and keep their gums healthy. The bones come in various sizes and flavors, so you can be sure that your canine friend will like one. 

Dog’s mouths may seem dirty, but according to veterinarians, a large portion of the microbes found in dog’s mouths are completely harmless. On the off chance that you need to mwah your puppy, therefore — please proceed! 

Simply ensure that you are keeping their teeth and gums healthy. Daily brushing and dental chews help remove plaque, which can lead to infected teeth and gums can lead to heart, kidney, intestinal tract and joint problems.

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