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The Benefits Of Using Lovoir’s Flick Stick



If you dream of flawless eyeliner wings without the hassle, look no further than Lovoir’s fantastic Flick Stick. Created to be easy to use for everyone, this must-have make-up product will help you to create that signature cat-eye look without spending hours in front of the mirror. Here, we share just some of the benefits of using Lovoir’s Flick Stick, and how it can help you to revolutionise your beauty routine.

You’ll create the perfect eyeliner wings

Anyone who has tried to create eyeliner wings will know the struggle that comes with it. Whereas one side might come out looking good, getting the other one to be symmetrical can be the ultimate challenge, and then you’ve got to try really hard not to accidentally smudge them. Thankfully, you can kiss your eyeliner wing woes goodbye with the help of Lovoir’s Flick Stick. This easy-to-use eyeliner stamp set will help you to create perfectly symmetrical eyeliner wings in seconds, with absolutely no fuss or hassle.

In addition to being able to achieve an enviable cat-eye look, the Flick Stick comes in three different sizes, so you can experiment with how bold you want your eyeliner wings to be. With a smaller flick for everyday wear and a larger flick for nights out, there is a Lovoir product suited to all occasions. Each size can be bought separately, or you can treat yourself to a set that includes all three for the ultimate addition to your make-up bag.

It’s very easy-to-use

Lovoir’s Flick Stick is so easy to use that even those with very little make-up application experience, or unsteady hands, will be able to create flawless eyeliner wings with this product. Each Flick Stick set comes with two pens, one for each eye, and each pen has one stamp end and one liquid eyeliner end. Before applying, prep your eyelid with setting powder or primer to ensure that the flick goes on smoothly and stays in place. Next, line up the bottom of the eyeliner stamp with the upper lash line of the corresponding eye and apply gently to your face. Finally, use the liquid eyeliner end to fill in the flick and complete it across your lash line. That’s it, three steps and your eyeliner wing will be in place all day long.

Once you’ve finished using your Flick Stick, make sure that the lids have been pushed back on firmly and store it in a horizontal position. This way, the ink flow will remain even meaning that you can easily apply eyeliner wings again and again.

Your eyeliner wings will last all day

One of the greatest benefits of Lovoir’s Flick Stick is that it’s been designed to create long-lasting eyeliner wings that will stay in place all day. In fact, for 99% of people and situations, your wings won’t budge for 24 hours, giving you a perfectly symmetrical look that simply won’t fade over time. This also means that you can avoid getting unsightly panda eyes, a common issue with many eyeliners, so you won’t have to constantly check the mirror to ensure that your wings look as great as they did when you applied them.

The reason behind this long-lasting look is that the ingredients used in the making of Lovoir’s Flick Stick have been specifically chosen for their staying power. A number of different natural oils and shea butter ensure that the product is smooth and moisturised which saves it from cracking, and vegan carnauba wax ensures that your look will have a glossy, fixed finish. Once you’ve applied the perfect eyeliner wings you definitely want them to stay put for the duration of the day, and this is what Lovoir have achieved with their revolutionary Flick Stick.

It’s cruelty-free

If you like to buy cruelty-free beauty products you’ll find that Lovoir’s Flick Stick doesn’t disappoint. The team at Lovoir are all self-confessed animal lovers, so none of the ingredients used in their products are tested on animals, and they don’t use any animal byproducts. This makes the Flick Stick eyeliner stamp suitable for vegans too, so everyone can enjoy using this product. Not only does this mean that you can feel confident about using an ethical product, but also gives peace of mind that the Flick Stick doesn’t include any harsh or harmful chemicals which could cause irritation, breakouts, or a flare up of allergies.

Now you know the benefits of using Lovoir’s Flick Stick, head to and buy yours today

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