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The Process of Removing A Tattoo Explained by Dr Anna Avaliani



Getting rid of a tattoo that has outlived its welcome need not be a process filled with pain and agony. The fact is that a large number of patients have discovered the best tattoo removal NYC, the PicoSure removal process and its incredible ability to eliminate the majority of tattoos with just a few sessions. You can help maximize the effectiveness of each treatment session by heeding the tips we discussed with Dr Anna Avaliani and that follow below

  1. Patience Is A Virtue

While it is understandable to want a tattoo gone as soon as possible, the fact is that you need to allow for sufficient time in between each removal session. Doctors have discovered that those who allow at least eight weeks to pass in between sessions tend to need fewer sessions and get better results and fewer scars than patients who try to rush the removal timeline. Let the skin heal, be patient, and enjoy the impressive results that can be achieved.

  1. Make Use Of Sunscreen

Sunscreen is always a good idea, but using it in the midst of a tattoo removal journey and keeping out of the sun as much as possible can hasten the process in a noticeable way. Ensuring that the skin near the tattoo remains as pale as it can assist the laser in destroying the ink by sending waves of light to the tattoo alone, and not darkened sink near it. The more contrast there is between the design itself and the skin around it, the more intense the laser light that can be trained on the tattoo without increased risk. As such, avoiding sunbathing and using sunscreen liberally will make your process go faster.

  1. Sweat Equity

The PicoSure laser process offers patients a tattoo removal experience that is nearly pain-free. By using rapid pulses of light to break up the ink, the process indeed impressive. But, the real work of getting rid of the ink actually happens outside of the office when the disturbed ink is flushed from the body via the lymphatic system. Raising your own circulation level via exercise is a great way to get the process going even faster, so make sure to get regular physical activity while in the midst of your tattoo removal sessions.

  1. No Smoking

If you ever needed a reason to quit smoking, getting rid of your tattoo even faster should be it. The fact is that cigarette can extend the tattoo removal timeline because it works to constrict the blood vessels and stops ink particles from making their way through the body. It also hinders healing, which is something that can stand in the way of efficient, timely removal.

  1. Listen To The Doctor

Back when you were first tattooed, the artist probably gave you a series of instructions to help care for your design properly in the days and weeks following its application. The tattoo removal doctor will do something similar following each session you attend. You will receive detailed directions on how to use antiseptic cleaners and pain-relief ointments so that your skin is properly cared for at every step of the way. By heeding these instructions, you will be able to keep the removal on track and ensure that your skin is not damaged.

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