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Tips For Hiring an Electrician From Bates Electric



So, you are looking to hire an electrician. Where do you start? Who should you hire? Keep in mind, it is critical that you enlist the services of a professional who has the right experience and credentials. Otherwise, you will just be looking for trouble. If you hire a rogue contractor, you might find yourself paying hundreds if not thousands of dollars to replace inferior equipment or fix faulty work.

Here are some tips for finding an electrician in your local area from Bates Electric:

  1. Ask for Credentials

Every good electrician has the relevant credentials for proving that they are capable of completing your job to a high standard. You should find those listed on the electrician’s website. If they are missing, that might be a red flag.

Check for industry-specific credentials such as UWIN that give you peace of mind. The great thing about UWIN-endorsed contractors is that they are trained, background checked, and drug tested.

You should also ask to see the electrician’s insurance and license. Both of them should be readily available and up-to-date.

HomeAdvisor recommends finding another reputable professional if you are not sure about the licensing of the professional you originally intended to hire.

  1. Ask About Permits

You might need to apply for a permit from a local government agency or the City, but this will depend on the scope of your project. Find out from the electrician about whether or not a permit is needed for your job. Keep in mind that a good, experienced electrician should be perfectly capable of answering all your questions about permits.

  1. Find Out About Qualifications

It is a good idea to find out about the electrician’s qualifications. Find out whether the electrician is an apprentice or master, for example. You might find all that information on the electrician’s website, but if it isn’t, get in touch with them directly.

  1. Find Out About Experience

The more experience the electrician has, the better. Look for an electrician that has served the local community for many years and worked with clients in different industries.

You should also choose a company that offers a wide range of services as opposed to just the basics. Such services may include electrical installation and repair, safety inspections, outdoor lighting, and code compliance.


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