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Top 5 Video Editing Apps in 2021



Today Video editing applications are not only used for professional purposes like Movie or Marketing. It also used for various purposes like Business, social media, Personal uses etc. Even though we had a high-quality camera, we need to edit the videos with special effects. So, we all are looking for best video editing apps, Right? This post will help you to find out best video editing apps in 2021. Compared to previous years, there are lots of android video editing apps are available now. And one other thing is most of the desktop video editing apps are custom apps so we need to edit the videos individually by doing custom editing. But android apps are available with lots of special effects and other amazing features. So, you just tap and edit your videos using android applications. Before going to download any app, we need to look into the apps Pros and Cons. Also, some video editing app is suit for Android and other one is well suit for IOS devices. So, we need to choose the right video editing software. There are lots of free and amazing video editing apps are available in Google Playstore. Using those apps, you can add music’s, text, stickers, gifs, export video with high quality, using special effects, Transitions etc. Let’s see top 5 video editing applications in 2021.

  1. Kinemaster

Kinemaster is a trending video editing application which was downloaded by millions of users. It is available for Android and IOS platforms and it is a multi-track editor so people like it very much. Using Drag and Drop technique, you can easily import videos and edit it easily. Apart from this Kinemaster have lots of advanced features like blending modes, Chroma keying, audio mixing, 3D Transitions and 4k support etc. Actually, Kinemaster is the best app which can easily use by normal people which means you no need to learn about editing. Also, if you want to remove watermark, then you will access Kinemaster Premium and enjoy other features. You can also install and use Kinemaster on pc windows with the help of android emulators.

Special Features:

  • Multiple layers available to add image, video, text, music, stickers etc.
  • Enabled Chroma key and 4k support
  • Instant Preview editing video
  1. Adobe Premiere Rush:

Adobe Premiere Rush is also one of the best video editing software which was released by Adobe on 2018. You may hear about other adobe software’s like Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe after Effects, Adobe Photoshop. These are desktop apps and it is used for professional video makers like Marketing, Movie etc. So, Adobe created the Adobe Premiere Rush for online video editor. It is an android app which has lots of special effects and features. Like Kinemaster, Adobe Premiere rush also provides multi layer to add images, videos, music’s, text, stickers etc. Using this app, you can change the color, make transitions between images or videos, pan & zoom, use audio effects and edit text with animation effects. Also, you can edit the videos without watermark in Adobe Premiere Rush

Special Features:

  • Multi-Track video editing app
  • You can schedule and post the video on YouTube directly
  • No Watermark
  1. FilmoraGo:

FilmoraGo is a free and best video editing application for Android and IOS platforms. You can easily edit online HD videos without any learning. There are lots of Filters, Special effects available in FilmoraGo app. You can create reverse videos, slow motion, and text in your video. Also, you can edit the videos without a watermark. There are no multiple tracks and 4k support available in FilmoraGo. If you want to enjoy advanced features, you can purchase songs and other effects.

Special Features:

  • Images and Videos can be imported from Facebook, Instagram.
  • Professional editing tools
  1. PowerDirector:

Power Director is a free video editing application that was developed by Cyber link. It is a full-featured video editing app, easy to use but it might take some time to learn. You can access various features in Power Director are 4k Support, Motion Tracking, Video collages, Voice over’s, Sound effects, Transitions, and other animation effects. You can also edit green screen videos using Power Director App. If you want to remove the watermark, you need to upgrade to the full version.

Special Features:

  • Chroma Key is available
  • Slow-motion video effect available
  • 4k video support
  1. Quik:

Quik is a cross-platform video editing application available for Android, IOS, MAC, and Windows. It was developed by GoPro which allows users to edit the footage in the GoPro camera. Actually, the Quik app comes with an automatic video creation feature with lots of special effects. You can add images, video, music, text, and sync all to create a video. You can simply make stories with any photo and video clips using the Quik app. Compared to other apps, Quik does not display any annoying ads.

Special Features:

  • Automatic video creation feature
  • 60fps videos can be saved
  • Sync music to footage


Now, you have an idea about which video editing app is best in 2021. You will choose the app for your convenience and create amazing videos with special effects. I hope the above article is useful for you to find out best video editing app in 2021. If you have any doubts regarding this post, contact us. Thank you

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