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Twitter First Quarterly Results Exceeds Expectations at $787M and EPS of $0.25, Reduction of MAUs to 330M A Concern




Twitter, the social media and networking giant, shared the results of its first quarter. Standing at a solid $787 million, which is more than 18% when compared to last year, the company feels that it is on the right track.

It net income is more than $190 million and per-share earnings stand at a decent $0.25. Having said that, the monthly active users for the social media platform is another story. Twitter is facing stiff completion from other social media tools like Facebook and Instagram.

The MAUs paint a sad picture for the company. According to the company, the MAUs stood at close to 330 million, which saw a reduction of 6 million, though the current numbers are more than 9 million when compared to the last Q1.

Twitter wants to change the mantra of its monthly users to monetizable daily active users. In the sense, users through, which the company can gain more profits. This quarter, they stood at close to 130 million, more than 11% than last year.

Analysts had predicted that the company could manage $775 million and not more. Market analyst felt that Twitter would be close to the $0.20 mark, on an EPS of $0.15 per share. As of now, the shares of the company are 5.3% up in the stock market.

During the previous quarter, Twitter had predicted its Q1, may hover around the $730 to $770 region, having operating income at $5 million and $35 million. Having accomplished their target, the company now wants to put its full focus and concentration on where it is going weak.

They are, users not being able to access the social media platform, when it is too active and issues of fake news, harassment, and quality content. The company has come up with solutions to tackle both these niggling issues.

For accessing issues, they are planning to use an app known as twitter and for the other issues; they are bringing in more stringent rules and laws.

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