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Twitter Acqui-Hired a Quote Sharing App, Highly



Sharing the quotes from particular articles is indeed more interesting than sharing a link to it. This is the reason why Twitter has started hiring scooping the team behind the highlight sharing app-Highly. This new team of talented experts can help Twitter in building their own version of Highly app or develop any other ways to excerpt the best content from various websites and get in on to their timeline.

Twitter has confirmed the news about acqui-hire to TechCrunch and a spokesperson has said that they are very excited to welcome this new talented team on board. The expertise of this new team will help in accelerating design thinking and product of Twitter and make it more conversational.

Highly will be shutting down both iOS and Slack apps on 26th of April, although it has promised that none of the highlights will be harmed. It is also making the paid Crowd Control feature and Highly for team free for some time.

Highly team has stated that “Social highlights can make sharing stories online feel personal, efficient and alive- it’s like retelling a story to a friend over coffee. They give people shared context and spark meaningful conversations.

As said seeing the quotes directly on the timeline has a very different impact on the users than clicking a particular link and leave Twitter to see a quote. Highly will make this easy by providing you an option to just rub your finger on a text to turn it into an image which will be linked to the article.

Highly team added- “Sharing highlights, not headlines — sharing thinking instead of lazily linking — helps spark the kind of conversation that leaves participants and observers alike a bit better off than they started. We’d like to see more of this.

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