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Inbox by Gmail is Now Dead Officially, All the Older Versions have Stopped Working



Google Inbox

Google has shut down the Inbox by Gmail earlier this month, but the workarounds like APKs helped the fans in using this app. The people who were unable to give up on the app started installing the older versions of Inbox by Gmail in the APK format on their mobiles. These APK apps were working fine, but now the users who are installing these APKs freshly have complained that the app is not working. They are getting error signal every time they tried to sign into the app.

This means that Gmail has completely stopped giving any kind of support to the older versions that are present in the market. Android Police noticed these changes first in the older versions of the app. The users have tried installing three other older versions of the app and none of them worked. According to the report, Inbox by Gmail v1.77 APK was updated and now it is also not working. It has automatically moved to the Gmail v1.78 version.

People who use the older version or have auto update option off on their phone can use this Inbox by Gmail app. Users have shared their opinion and experiences about this on a Reddit Thread. Most of the people even though have the Inbox for Gmail app in their mobile are not getting any notifications for new emails.   The few users who have this app on their mobile have limited time.

Google has made an announcement of shutting down this Inbox by Gmail app on 2nd April 2019. The company has informed the users that now they are removing the app from both iOS and Google Playstore. The app won’t be coming back to the mobiles this time and even the alternative older versions will stop working pretty soon.

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