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The National Court annuls a fine of 150,000 euros imposed on Google for violating the right to be forgotten



The National Court has annulled a fine to Google imposed in 2016 by the Data Protection Agency ( AEPD ), for a value of 150,000 euros and related to the right to be forgotten.

The sanction that at the time published Data Protection was linked to Google’s practice of sending webmasters – who were in charge of managing a website and who had proactively requested it from Google – a notification informing them of URLs or results deleted in accordance with the right to oblivion.

The AEPD understood in its day that with this practice Google violated the data protection regulations; Now, the Contentious Chamber of the National Court has annulled this sanction of 150,000 euros.

According to the ruling of the aforementioned court, an appeal can be filed before the Supreme Court. Sources of the AEPD indicated to Efe that the agency has requested to the Lawyer of the State that interposes this appeal of cassation.

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