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So you can check the radars and traffic accidents in Google Maps

Corey Alvarez Keller



Since Thursday, Google Maps includes traffic functions: displays speed limits on the roads you are driving, alerts you to speed cameras and traffic cameras and in real time, traffic accidents.

In addition to the notifications of the application itself, users can contribute and manually add where there are radars, accidents or similar information. How?

First, you have to start the navigation mode of Google Maps, that is, set a destination and click on ‘Start’. Then, click on the dialogue icon ‘+’, on the bottom right. A menu will then open where you can select the type of information you want to share, whether it is an accident, a hold or a radar.

The application adds the information to the map but does so by means of a countdown that allows you to rectify or cancel before you upload the information.

New Maps features do not require updates or configuration changes: they simply appear in Google Maps.

Corey Alvarez Keller is a performance-driven and highly accomplished IT security specialist with more than 7 years of significant experience in Quality and Risk assurance. She had applied his skills in diverse domains which cover Business and Banking solutions. When not working you will find him spend his weekend watching movies or clubbing around.