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Google vows to do more to protect your voice data



Google vows to do more to protect your voice data

Google came under the fire as soon as the reports from media revealed that the contractors of Google listened to customer audio recordings captured virtual assistant of the company this year.

Now Google is looking to be more transparent with the users in terms of the data which google have and how as well as why the data is used.

The search giant, Google released a blog post on Monday in which they are promising to do more efforts to protect privacy when using the voice assistant of Google. Saying that “it’s clear that we fell short of our high standards”.

After all, the google assistant is available on google home speaker along with the availability on Android and iOS smartphone.

Recently, there was a concern which we have heard in which, the language expert can easily listen to as well as transcribe the data which is in the form of audio, from the google assistant to help improve the speech technology for the different languages as well. Do you know you can trade crypto on libra method login.

Google said that it immediately stopped having the human transcribe, and they have also launched an investigation into that matter as well. And the best part is that Google also vows not to store the audio data by its users by default.

Google said “By default, we don’t retain your audio recordings. This has been the case, and will remain unchanged.” The company is often shifting to an opt-in privacy model. Where the users can review their settings as well as they can confirm their preference before the humans can listen to the samples of their recording audios.

The company also claimed that they are on a mission to vastly reduce the amount of audio information which they used to store, by the end of this year for sure.

Google is not alone in the race in using your voice data to improve the service they offer. The Apple, Facebook, as well as Microsoft, have each admitted to listening to the audio of their users in on a limited basis, in recent months.

As much as Apple is concerned, the Siri from Apple is baked into more than 1 billion iPhones. The Messenger from facebook is the most popular messenger and it provides the feature to all the users to send the audio recording. And let me tell you that, the contractors used to transcribe these audios recently at some points of time.

And we all know Skype by Microsoft. So, Microsoft no lasts behind. And through Skype, Microsoft listened in for the skype’s translation feature. But you don’t have to worry, as it is only for the translation feature and not with the calls from Skype.

And all of these big giants are looking to create more privacy with that audio data of the users. To provide users with the best kind of service. And related to it is that google claimed to make the audio data of the users more secured.

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