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Reports state that Apple is Planning to Launch a Personal Item Tracking Device by Combining Find My Friends and Find My iPhone Apps




It is reported that Apple is planning to combine both Find my iPhone and Find My Friends apps in order to create a new app. This unified app will be supporting a physical tracking tag, an upcoming hardware product on which the company is currently working on. The consumers can attach this tag to any device; there is no restriction that the device must be of Apple only and track their location. “GreenTorch” is the code name given for Apple’s unified app. The app is currently tested by the engineers of this Cupertino-California based company. It has been said that this app will be coming for both Mac and iOS platforms.

9to5mac has cited the people who are familiar with the app development stating that this unified app will have the same features that Find my iPhone and Find my Friends apps possess. It will be just a better version of finding the user’s phone.

A new feature called “Find Network” will be present in the app which will help in tracking the devices even when it is not connected to any kind of cellular connection or Wi-Fi.

The other features include sharing the location of a person with family and friends. The users will have a provision to send the location sharing requests to others. The unified app will be able to locate all the devices related to the user and their family. The users will be able to put the mobile in lost mode when they are unable to find it.

Apple is building the tracking tags that are similar to “Tile Tracking tags.” This app not only locates the Apple devices but works well for other devices too.