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Overview Of CricBuzz App!!



Watching sports is the most satisfying thing for everyone. No one is there in the world who don’t like games. Maybe different sports to another but everyone has little softcore for games. Football is a widely popular game across the globe, but apart from football, another set is killing all the platforms and has a huge fan base. Yes! I’m talking about Cricket. There are crazy numbers of cricket fans, many of them are huge fans that they watch every possible match of Cricket live.

Cricket is the national sport of England, but it’s more famous in Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. The fans of Cricket are hurt when they are not able to find the best cricket sites to watch live Cricket. Their heart pumps to know the score but not possible to watch live cricket match every time. But here we have a solution CricBuzz App.

CricBuzz is news and lives score updating platform which covers International, Class A, and many super league cricket matches. But what all the CricBuzz offers? Let’s dig into it and find out all the features of CricBuzz.

  • Live Score & Commentary

CricBuzz is a fantastic application available for both iOS and Android version. The adaptation of the match score is swift; no other apps can’t even match the speed of CricBuzz. If you are far from your TV, then you can know the scores. Also, it offers live commentary.

  • Statistics

The statistic and match history keeping feature are super unique and best. CricBuzz stores all the match data in it. If you can’t watch any matches data, you can go and search in CricBuzz archives easily. Not only match statistics, but they also offer the player to player statistics, like Why MS Dhoni is better No 4 for India against Australia? They analyze all the factors and data to provide such answers.

  • Content

CricBuzz has a team of an expert writer, and fantastic word wizards those who give match highlights, post, and pre-match news. Many ex-players are also the part of CricBuzz content team; they put their valuable input about matches and fixtures. Majority of their video content has been sponsored by companies that allow people to find a casino bonus in India.

  • Graphical Content

Not only using words, but the CricBuzz app also shows pre and post-match images and videos. In the highlight section of CricBuzz, you can find many videos of the ongoing matches. No need to worry if you don’t have access to the TV during the live game anymore. The CricBuzz app is a life savior.

  • Fan Contribution

It is the most fantastic feature of CricBuzz app. This feature is helpful for a fan so that they can directly express thoughts about ongoing matches in CricBuzz community. Sometimes CricBuzz features the best fan contribution and remarks. It is seriously a fantastic feature to engage fans during the game.


There are many more features in the CricBuzz app. You can explore to know more features and everything. CricBuzz is one of the best apps, and I use this app during the match times to check scores, players profile, read commentary, and everything. Don’t forget to share this piece of knowledge with your friends and Cricket freaks.



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