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How to Fix Undoing Changes Made To Your Computer Windows 10



Undoing Changes Made to Your Computer

Windows 10 update itself is useful for maintaining the performance of the OS we use, reducing bugs, and getting the latest features.

Windows updates themselves have advantages and disadvantages.

The drawbacks that I feel really, eat up a lot of internet quota hehehe.

Suddenly the internet quota ran out, it turned out to be used to update windows 10 on my laptop.

Causes of Undoing Changes Made To Your Computer Windows 10

I’ve also had an experience with Windows 10 update problems like the one above.

The story is that when I was updating Windows, I didn’t check the battery anymore.

Usually Windows 10 updates don’t take too long.

It’s just because this update may be a lot, so the update may take up to an hour or more.

I just live the laptop in a state of updating windows.

When I wanted to turn on my Lenovo laptop, it turned out that the battery had run out.

I charge then I turn on the laptop.

And on the black screen or on the black screen of the laptop, the notification ” Undoing Changes Made To Your Computer ” appears .

Why is this happening?

Apparently, because during the update process, the laptop died because it ran out of battery.

Supposedly, while the update process is in progress, the laptop should not turn off.

If the laptop is off, a notification will appear above.

How to Overcome Undoing Changes Made To Your Computer

The meaning of undoing changes made to your computer on a laptop black screen is more or less :

” Undo changes that have been made to your computer “.

Before the computer died, there were changes in Windows 10 due to an update.

But the update is not perfect, the computer is dead.

Then a notification will appear to cancel the changes that have been made on the black screen of the computer when it is turned on.

I’m not panicking about it, because I know the cause.

What am I doing?

I just let the status run and I didn’t do anything with my laptop.

How Long to Wait for Undoing Changes to be Made To Your Computer?

I leave it and just wait for about 30 minutes.

Thank God after that the laptop opened normally without any problems.

So, undoing changes is the process of returning the computer to its original state before updating windows which failed because the laptop was turned off.

For example, when the windows update process has reached 80%, the laptop is dead, then the update failed.

When the computer is turned on, the computer will return the 80% update to the state before the update.

So, if the percentage of updates is already large, it usually takes longer to wait for the undoing changes process.

Like me, waiting up to 30 minutes.

Just leave it alone, the computer is back to normal.

So no need to panic.

Other Solutions for Overcoming Undoing Changes Made To Your Computer

If after a long time it turns out that the computer or laptop is not working normally, you can do the following:

Asus Laptops

  1. long press the esc key.
  2. after that wait until the laptop screen restarts.
  3. then it says “BIOS upgrade is processing, don’t turn off your computer”.
  4. Wait until the bios upgrade process is complete.
  5. when finished it will say “update successfully, system will be reset”.
  6. Wait again for the process until the laptop opens normally.

Acer Laptops

  1. Press the power button for a few seconds to turn off the laptop.
  2. Press the power button again to turn on the laptop.
  3. after that long press the ESC key to display the boot menu.
  4. select system recovery > troubleshoot.
  5. select advanced options > Startup Settings > Restart tutorial how to solve undoing changes made to your computer
  6. select Enable safe mode.
  7. the laptop will open in safe mode.
  8. Furthermore, if you don’t want automatic updates, you can disable automatic Windows 10 updates so that this incident doesn’t happen again.

To display the boot, different laptops have different keys.

Some use ESC, F2, F4, F5, F9, F10 and F12 so please adjust it to your laptop.


If I was alone at that time I just let it go and it turned out that after that it was normal.

I just turned on the power.

However, we must be patient to wait because the process is indeed long.

So, just wait patiently.

Those are the causes and solutions for how to deal with undoing changes made to your computer when the Windows 10 update fails.