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Unveiling “That Which Flows by Manhwa”



That Which Flows

The Korean comic book style known as manhwa has become wildly famous around the world due to its innovative stories, stunning artwork, and wide range of genres. With its mesmerizing storyline and breathtaking images, “that which flows by” stands out as a masterwork among the many intriguing manhwas.

What is “That Which Flows”?


The acclaimed manhwa series “that which flows by” was created and is illustrated by the gifted Lee So-Young. Jin Ha-Yoon, a teenage heroine, is thrust into a magical and mysterious realm where she must traverse a perilous adventure replete with hidden truths and shocking surprises.

Plot Summary

At the age of sixteen, the protagonist, Ha-Yoon, learns about her dormant magical powers. She is just a regular girl with an amazing fate. While she tries to make sense of her superpowers, she sets out on a mission to learn the truth about her family history and the mysterious prophecy that says what happens to her. Allies and enemies alike, with their own agendas and hidden agendas, populate the personalities Diana meets on her journey.

Characters in “That which flows “

Main Characters

  1. Jin Ha-Yoon: The protagonist, a young girl with hidden magical potential.
  2. Lee Soo-Hyun: Ha-Yoon’s childhood friend and confidant.
  3. Kang Min-Woo: A mysterious wanderer with a dark past.
  4. Park Ji-Won: A skilled magician and mentor to Ha-Yoon.

Supporting Characters

  1. Professor Kim Eun-Ji
  2. Choi Sung-Hoon
  3. Kim Min-Seo
  4. Lee Ji-Hoon

Art Style and Visual Appeal

Intricate details, vivid colors, and emotive character designs define Lee So-art Young’s work, which is a visual treat for readers. The cinematic layouts and dynamic panels elevate the tale, drawing readers into the vividly imagined universe of “That Which Flows.”

Themes Explored in “That Which Flows”

Love and Relationships

The show examines friendship, commitment, and sacrifice as it goes into the intricacies of romantic relationships. Amidst the mayhem and turbulence of their voyage, the characters’ ties are put to the test, showcasing the lasting strength of human connection.

Identity and Self-Discovery

The story revolves around Ha-Yoon’s journey of self-discovery as she faces her family history and tries to make sense of her present and her past. She finds the significance of bravery and perseverance on her path to self-discovery, and she accepts her fate with renewed certainty.

Social Commentary

Poignantly addressing topics like as discrimination, power dynamics, and the repercussions of unbridled ambition, “That Which Flows” also functions as a social critique. Readers are moved to contemplate the human experience and the power of choice as the story captivates them.

Reception and Popularity

The captivating plots, fully realized characters, and breathtaking artwork of “That Which Flows” have won it critical and audience plaudits from its premiere. Thanks to its compelling plot twists and turns, the show has gained a devoted fanbase and keeps drawing in new viewers.

Impact on the Manhwa Industry

The groundbreaking storytelling and creative vision of “That Which Flows” by Lee So-Young have forever changed the manhwa industry and served as an inspiration to countless artists and authors since its release. As a result of the series’ success, Korean comics are becoming more famous around the world, and manhwa is becoming an even bigger cultural phenomenon all over the world.

Similar Works and Recommendations

For readers who like “That Which Flows,” there are many more books like it that delve into fantastical worlds and adventure stories. I have some suggestions, such as:

  1. “Tower of God” by SIU
  2. “Solo Leveling” by Chu-Gong
  3. “The Breaker” by Geuk-Jin Jeon and Kamaro


Finally, the brilliant work of Lee So-Young’s “That Which Flows” exemplifies the originality and inventiveness typical of manhwa. The series’ mesmerizing artwork, unforgettable characters, and riveting storyline have made an indelible mark on the medium and continue to captivate fans.


  1. Is “That Which Flows” suitable for all ages?
    • Although there are aspects of fantasy and adventure in the series, there are situations that younger viewers might find inappropriate. Only readers above the age of 18 should read it.
  2. How often is “That Which Flows” updated?
    • New chapters are released at irregular intervals, but readers may anticipate consistent updates from the writer.
  3. Are there any spin-offs or adaptations of “That Which Flows”?
    • The door is still open for potential adaptations or spin-offs of the series, albeit none have been officially announced just yet.
  4. Is “That Which Flows” available in languages other than Korean?
    • The answer is yes, the series is available to fans all over the world thanks to its many translations.
  5. Where can I purchase or read “That Which Flows”?
    • Several platforms and bookstores offer “That Which Flows” for purchase or online reading.