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What Exactly is a Live Telephone Answering Service?



Modern businesses are on a continuous lookout for outsourcing business processes that are important but not critical areas of their business.

Outsourcing allows businesses to go toe-to-toe with their competitors by shifting focus towards the areas of the operation that are related to their core competencies.

Outsourced telephone answering service is the in-demand service among live answering services in the call center sector of the business process outsourcing industry. No one likes speaking to a machine, and your customers deserve the courtesy of speaking to a real person when they need assistance.

How does a phone answering service work?

When your customers are faced with a situation where they need assistance, they can contact your live Helpline number, which will be prominently displayed on your website. Instead of being answered by an automated voice message (IVR) system, the phone call will be answered by a customer service representative that specializes in handling any customer queries that your customers may have.

Live Telephone answering services add the personal touch that is lost when businesses automate due to the high volume of incoming customer queries. We believe that hearing the voice of a real person put the customer’s mind at ease and assures them that their problem will be resolved.

What are the benefits of using a telephone answering service?

Man is a social animal, and it is inherent that we seek out others more than machines. We trust people more than we can ever imagine any automated system.

Telephone calls are answered by a real customer care representative rather than being routed through automated answering systems. This brings about the following benefits

  • In the event of a customer emergency, it is preferential that a person should attend the telephone call instead of a machine. The customer feels more relaxed discussing their woes with a real person, which makes it more personal and goes a long way in relieving the stress of the situation.
  • In Medical sectors, it is always better to have an actual person take the phone calls to respond to the concerns of the customers. The empathetic connection between the customer and the customer care representative ensures that the customer will be adequately satisfied.
  • Some businesses, especially in financial and service sectors, need 24-hour answering services. It becomes cost-prohibitive for them to staff and maintain a team of customer care personnel round the clock. These businesses require their customer calls to be handled without any delay or errors.
  • Automated voice response systems are used by Small and Medium-Sized Entreprises (SMEs) to answer calls after office hours. As owners of such enterprises, you deserve the peace of mind that even when you are not available, your customers will be entertained adequately through the live telephone answering systems.

Why should I outsource telephone answering services?

Several advantages add value to your business in case you decide on outsourcing the live phone answering service. Owing to the economies of scale, we can provide you with high-quality, fluent English speakers at a fraction of the cost.