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Why go through a Staffing Agency?



Through their multiple actions, recruitment firms or staffing firms offer invaluable assistance to companies seeking new talent as well as job seekers, especially in specific sectors such as digital and IT, where the profiles and skills found are more and more distinct. Here are the right reasons to know how do staffing companies work!

The promotion of candidates

More and more companies go through specialized entities to find the right skills. In addition to saving time for their sponsors, recruitment firms offer a full range of services to guarantee the quality of recruitment.

They are responsible in particular for carrying out a search from different channels (press announcements, job edges, internal files, social networks, direct approach, etc.), analyzing and evaluating applications using professional tools to identify suitable talents, to preselect the profiles and meet them, before submitting the best to the company.

These establishments, therefore, free HR from a large part of the tasks to be carried out and from the time usually spent for a conventional recruitment procedure on the one hand, and assure them of finding the best candidates.

You can also learn to ask for a raise  if you are looking to get a hike more than your previous employment.

Find a job more easily

Recruitment firms offer various offers. The best thing is to send your CV and cover letter to several firms to increase your chance of getting an interview. And the conversation you will have with a consultant will promote your file because your profile may be sought.

As they benefit from direct contact with the Human Resources managers of the recruiting companies, these recruiting firms are the first to know about new opportunities, even before the announcement appears in the press and specialized media. By looking in the firm’s database, therefore, you are likely to be preselected if your skills correspond to those sought, which gives you an advantage over other candidates, as qualified as you are.

A wise adviser

It should not be forgotten, however, to maintain a good relationship with the consultant of the recruitment firm. When your file is found in the firm’s database, you may be called whenever offers arise

Moreover, the consultant in charge of your data is aware of trends in the job market. His advice may be useful to you. This can relate to the change of profession, the dynamism of the current market, the salary or even the promising sectors. And finally, it is advisable to inform the firm of your professional development so that it can put forward proposals suitable for your needs.

Going through the recruitment agency, is it worth it?

You increase your chances of going through a recruitment agency! Both employers and employees benefit from the expertise of the recruitment and placement agency because the agency’s daily challenge is to find the perfect match!

However, you need to know why to apply through the agency and remain useful in this process.

First stage

Spot the recruitment firm that specializes in your field. This is important, because there are as many recruiters as candidates available, if not more! Some recruiters are generalists; others hugely specialized in one or two specific fields. Others only make temporary placements, some others only permanent jobs. And many offer both!

Second step

Please get to know the agency’s clients and how they work. Do not be embarrassed, go and meet them if you think they have something concrete to present to you!

Last step

Do regular follow-ups because most agencies deal with many different clients. Unfortunately, they do not