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An exclusive interview with Jon Delgado (@jondlgado) Spains instagram crush sharing his secrets



You don’t have to be 15 years old to know that humorous content and memes are a prominent form of online culture right now, with the power to make or break politicians, gain millions of followers and introduce new words and themes into a dictionary. For a long time, memes have been hobbies or the nature of the accidental, unknown nature of online communities. But today there is growing popularity of meme artist and influencer – the kind that can produce ephemeral content and somehow be more than just ephemeral. Jon Delgado is one of the many people who have seen – and caught – the power of Instagram as a product maker such as @jondlgado.

As part of this series of interviews with reporters and cutters of our online culture, I reached out to Jon and asked what it meant to be paid to create humorous content, what the process behind creating them, his favorites and other meme accounts like, dominating the world of inexpensive memes and much more. Enjoy.

Reporter: You are a rising star in the Spanish Instagram community. Tell us something about yourself? how you got into this and by the time you thought, “Wow, this is fun, and can I do this?”

Jon Delgado: Memes are just a little bit of content. It always makes you feel good. When I was 12 I started surfing the web and engage in online communities. Initially, I just created an account @infanciaexterminada to publish memes I want to see later, I didn’t plan to share them with the world, and frankly, I never thought they would have such a large number of followers rushing at my page. This was a new experience for me. Unfortunately, my account has been disabled. So I started another one with IG handle @jondlgado with a more personnel touch.

Reporter: Do you get constructive feedback and how much time you spend on Instagram?

Jon Delgado: The numbers are just amazing. Instagram has completely changed my life. And now I admit that I am addicted to Instagram and spend hours on my phone, reviewing the content I post, and seeing content posted by other Instagram users and yes I get many great ideas from my beloved followers.

Reporter: What is the name of your memes page?

Jon Delgado: My Instagram page @infanciaexterminada had more than 1.3 million followers. Unfortunately, it is no more and has been disabled for quite a while now. So I decided to come up again with a new insta handle @jondlgado where you can find me.

Reporter: Do you find comfortable connecting with people with an anonymous account or is it better to have personnel one?

Jon Delgado: When my previous meme account @infanciaexterminada started to grow, my followers started to question who the person was behind that hell of crazy content. My memes got so much popular that I can’t even imagine. In a matter of days, my account skyrocketed in such an extent that millions of people started following and reacting to my everyday stuff. It was a great pleasure for me seeing all of this happening but suddenly my account got disabled. It really frustrates me. Because 1.3 million is not a small number and people usually spend their whole lives in getting those numbers. But I don’t lose hope and decided to beat the odds and come up with my own personnel IG handle @jondlgado which starts performing quite impressive in a matter of days and I now have more than 9000 followers on my new account.

Reporter: What do you post to your Instagram account?

Jon Delgado: I just post my daily life just like anyone else on Instagram, but in a very different way, they always show me how I’m used to it every day, but from the jokes, and people love it a lot, so my account @jondlgado has more followers than 9000 followers.

Reporter: Are you just focusing on humor and what about Instagram marketing?

Jon Delgado: yes, till now I’m concentrating on my fresh id. I have posted some pictures of mine and get a very positive result. People were curious where that meme guy is gone. They told me that they miss my page and ask me to do it again. Thank God, I’ve love and support of my loyal followers and they are passionate about everything I send. I’m definitely trying to put a smile on their faces just like before. I can easily advertise to other top brands in Spain or overseas products. It is proven that advertising by developers, is by far the most profitable method, even more than television ads, and other media.

Although Jon Delgado is considered a successful influencer, he is also one of the youngest influencers in his native country, Spain, new to the world of Instagram. His Instagram handle @jondlgado is just launched and is getting deserved attention.

It’s weird how his account is crazy, given the fact that he doesn’t spend a lot of time doing cool posts, professional pictures, etc., he just posts whatever he likes, and his fans really enjoy that, he’s famous for being himself.


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