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Few Things to Know about A&D weighing moisture analyzers



Moisture Analyzer A&D new water testing equipment with high accuracy, the detection accuracy of 0.01% moisture. The newly developed high-precision SHS super combination sensor is built in the weighing part; the heating part adopts a 400W straight halogen tube and SRA secondary radiation auxiliary device; the display part adopts clear and bright VFD fluorescent display; the operating system has five commonly used the detection method is optional. The supplied WinCT software can help you choose the best detection temperature, and can realize the output of graphics and data through the computer and printer.

A&D weighing moisture analyzers is a high-precision, rapid moisture analyzer with a new design concept and exquisite craftsmanship. It is easy to operate and easy to observe and is fully applied to food, tobacco, pharmaceutical, petroleum, paper, feed, a chemical industry with its excellent performance. , coatings, minerals, environmental protection, geological and other industries to quickly determine the moisture content of materials, while meeting the requirements of solid, granule, powder, colloid and liquid moisture content.

Fast and uniform halogen lamp heater with innovative SRA technology

Straight tube halogen lamps and a uniquely designed SRA (Secondary Radiation Aid) radiator are used to reduce measurement time and create a fast and uniform heater.


Weighing sensors with fast and sensitive characteristics of SHS, so that very few samples can be measured with very accurate moisture content under high-precision weighing.

Sodium dehydrate sodium tartrate is used as a standard for checking the accuracy of moisture content. Sodium dehydrate sodium tartrate is a chemical substance with a stable water content of 15.66%+0.3/-0.1.

Heater temperature calibration (MS/MX only)

Optional temperature calibrator, calibration results can be output in GLP, GMP, ISO format.

Standard WinCT-Moisture software (MS/MX only) for real-time graphic display

WinCT-Moisture software is moisture content analysis software designed for graphic display. It can display the moisture content change graph when measured and can follow this graph. Set up the measurement program for different samples by computer-aided analysis.

Comply with GLP/GMP/GCP and ISO standards, with date/time, ID, calibration data and test record output.

It can output calibration data and measurement data to meet quality management and certification requirements.

Clear and easy to observe large screen fluorescence display

Measurement program, set value, moisture content change rate, measurement status, data number and other important information are clearly displayed at the same time, at a glance.

Parts are easy to operate

An ergonomically designed disc handle that avoids accidents such as burns when hot samples are placed or removed and the wing handles allow the heated lid to open and close easily.

Low maintenance cost guarantees

Users do not need to stop when replacing halogen lamps. The protected chamber is easy to clean (halogen life is about 5000 hours)

Five measurement procedures

Standard mode: Automatically set high, medium and low measurement accuracy Complete the measurement.

Auto mode: The measurement is automatically ended when the water change rate is less than a set ratio.

Quick mode: In order to achieve rapid measurement, 200 °C heating is used for the first 3 minutes after the start-up, and then the measurement is completed according to the automatic setting.

Timing mode: The measurement is done by setting the duration.

Manual mode: The measurement process is operated by pressing the start and stop buttons.

Four drying procedures

Standard drying: Immediately after startup, the temperature is raised to the set temperature. Asymptotic drying: The temperature is gradually increased to the set temperature after a preset time.

Step drying: Different temperatures are used in stages according to time.

Rapid drying: After rapid heating at 200 ° C for 3 minutes, the heating is continued according to the set drying temperature.

The measurement requirements of different samples can be fully satisfied by any combination of the measurement procedure and the drying procedure.