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Daily maintenance and maintenance of moisture analyzer



Daily maintenance and maintenance of moisture analyzer

The instrument that can detect the moisture content of various organic and inorganic solids, liquids, gases, and other samples is called a moisture analyzer. According to the measurement principle, physical measurement and chemical measurement can be classified into two categories. The physical measurement method commonly used weight-loss method, distillation layering method, gas chromatography analysis method, etc., chemical measurement methods mainly include Karl Fischer, toluene method and the like.

First, the moisture analyzer installation notes:

1, the instrument should not be installed in a corrosive gas room, part of the instrument circuit corrosion, shorten the life of the instrument.

  1. The room temperature is below 5 degrees or above 40 degrees.
  2. Do not install in places with high sunlight and humidity.
  3. Do not install in an unstable power supply. It is recommended to use an electronic voltage regulator.

Second, the use of moisture analyzer note:

There are many companies that provide moisture analyzer services, but the best company is Data Support Company (DSC) offers service for Moisture analyzer. Read down to know about use the moisture analyzer;

(1) The titration reagent absorbs moisture easily; it is required to have a good sealing performance such as burette and titration cell.

(2) The titer of the reagent should be determined according to the water content of the test solution.

(3) Drip timing, stirring should be sufficient, even

(4) Injection, to prevent the syringe head from external pollution and affect the measurement results, such as the operator’s exhalation and contamination when cleaning the syringe head

(5) Reagent bottle a dryer is installed at the air inlet to prevent the reagent from absorbing moisture in the air and causing a serious measurement error due to a decrease in titer.

(6) During the titration process, a false endpoint sometimes occurs, that is, reaching the endpoint in advance, resulting in a low measurement result.

(7) The Karl Fischer method will produce natural sulfuric acid in the determination of water. When the concentration is higher than 0.05%, a reverse reaction may occur, affecting the measurement results.

Moisture Analyzer Maintenance and Safe Use Points

1) Please read the entire contents of the User’s Guide before using the instrument.

2) In order to prevent electric shock, it is necessary to ensure that the instrument is reliably grounded.

3) The moisture analyzer should be used in a ventilated, dry, non-corrosive atmosphere.

4) Only use the high-frequency porcelain drying dish that is equipped with this machine, and do not use other utensils.

5) When there is no water-containing sample in the furnace, do not operate the microwave oven to avoid damage to the machine due to no-load operation.

6) Do not put the general mercury thermometer into the furnace and measure while heating. Do not use any method to measure the temperature inside the furnace during the operation of the instrument to avoid damage.

7) When measuring, it is necessary to observe more to prevent overheating and fire. In the event of a smoke or fire, immediately turn off the power to the microwave oven and adjust the heating power or shorten the heating time as appropriate.

8) Pay attention to the high temperature of the drying dish just after the test. It is best to wear insulated gloves to take the drying dish to avoid burns.

9) If there is no sample in the microwave oven and it is accidentally activated, immediately interrupt the heating program or open the furnace door to stop its work.

10) Must be repaired by a professional. If you need to replace the furnace lamp, power cord, fuse, etc., you must use the company’s special accessories.

11) Microwave radiation can cause harm to the human body. Please do not open the furnace shell at will. Do not expose it to the radiation range emitted by microwave generators or other components that can conduct microwaves.

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