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Moisture Analyzer For Determination of Dry Mass and Humidity



The determination of moisture is usually an essential element in producing processes and quality assurance. Microwave moisture analyzer is applicable across a spread of business applications wherever precise moisture in proportion amounts is monitored as a specification, or the moisture content is extremely controlled for a product or material integrity. moisture analysis is usually used in:

  • Agricultural and soil analysis
    • Seed and grain analysis
    • Biomass
    • Chemical analysis
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Cosmetics and wonder merchandise
    • Food and drinkable
    • Geological Sciences
    • Natural merchandise and dietary supplements
    • Petroleum merchandise
    • Pharmaceutical packaging
    • Plastics and films
    • Production mining
    • Pulp and paper merchandise

Near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopic analysis will observe the water content and activity in an exceedingly big selection of materials, and over an oversized vary of concentrations. ASD’s transportable and at-line Vis/NIR systems area unit ideally suited to the period of time mensuration of moisture with easy-to-use, non-destructive testing in barely regarding any atmosphere. Concentrations starting from zero.01% and up is accommodated selectively of the acceptable wavelength vary, therefore creating ASD’s technology the best tool for correct and versatile moisture analysis in raw and in-process materials, yet as a finished product.

We area unit consultants in moisture analysis and provide a large variety of reliable and straightforward to use Microwave moisture analyzer cloth the requirements of internal control, production and in-process management of the many industries, like company, plastics, and food trade. Our moisture balances area unit characterized by:

  • Reliable results due to precise temperature management with grouping heating technology and outstanding consideration technology
    • Intuitive operation with piecemeal user steerage to avoid errors in routine operation
    • Consistent mensuration performance for several years because of sturdy construction, constitutional performance tests, and a comprehensive service giving
    The exactitude line of moisture analyzers includes advanced models designed for applications that need high accuracy yet as basic economically priced analyzers that area unit designed for straightforward and fewer hard to please analyses. All exactitude analyzers area unit engineered with the highest quality elements that guarantee precise and correct results in the slightest degree times. The formed metal base and sturdy rugged housing guarantees long operative life.


  • Very correct and reasonable
    • Equipped with USB, RS232, and PS2 ports
    • Small footprint seven.2” x 11.4” x 6”
    • Available in zero.01% [0.001g] and zero.1% [0.01g]
    • User-friendly, intuitive, and straightforward to use
    • External Temperature standardization possibility
    • 20 Memory locations for custom parameters
    • 4 drying profiles and analysis modes
    • Small footprint and a compact style
    • USB and RS232 Interface Ports
    • PS2 External Keyboard Port
    • Drying Report Printing
    • Graphical liquid crystal display with Backlight
    • Onscreen Graph Plotting
    • Temperature CalibrationSealed Front Panel
    • Automatic Self-check at Power-up
    • Included with every unit – Disposable Pans, Na salt Dihydrate, Tweezers, Forceps, Micro-Spoon

Save important time and money!

  • No sample schoolwork
    • Accurate results area unit period of time
    • Rapid, non-destructive
    • Measure wherever and after you want it
    • Decrease out-of-spec product
    • Improve overall product quality

Traditional laboratory ways like a loss on drying (LOD) need time overwhelming steps like kitchen appliance heating and dry time in an exceeding desiccator to see the loss of weight. Even newer machine-controlled wetness analysis instrumentality still needs a number of minutes of drying time to see the drying curve. All of those techniques need sample schoolwork, and upon completion of the procedure, the sample is destroyed.

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