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How to Select a Moisture Analyzer for Plastic Resins



Plastic moisture analyzer could be an ordinarily used analyzer for detecting moisture content in-mold injection molding plant, pipe plastics, product molding, and color master-batch trade. The analyzer has conjointly become: plastic moisture meter, plastic moisture content analyzer.

We area unit specializes in plastics moisture analysis and supplies a large variety of reliable and simple to use moisture analyzers material the requirements of internal control, production and in-process management of the many industries, like drug company, plastics, and food trade.

How to select a moisture analyzer for paper

Useful steering and criteria to buy the correct plastic moisture analyzer for paper when choosing a moisture analyzer for paper, you will not make sure that one is that the right one for your needs as there area unit such a large amount of moisture analyzer models on the market. Examination specifications on the datasheet are vital; however, selecting the correct moisture analyzer for your specific application goes on the far side these straightforward specifications that do not show the whole image. Menstruation performance for your specific sample or easy use in 24/7 shift operation area unit simply a handful of samples of criteria that cannot be found on the datasheet.

Therefore, it is vital to know the practicality and performance of the analyzer from a holistic purpose of reading. Consult the guide “How to settle on a moisture analyzer” and decide however the subsequent necessary aspects ought to influence you’re getting decision:

  • Sample sort and Characteristics
  • Operators and easy Use
  • Data Management
  • Analyzer Performance Testing
  • Service and Support
  • Optional analyzer and Accessories
  • Explanation of Technical Specifications

A Standard for Determining Moisture in Plastics

The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) has printed customary governing testing the moisture content of plastics. It employs what’s referred to as the LOD methodology, or the loss of weight on drying. This is often conjointly delineated because of the thermal hydrometric methodology.

Taken directly from the printed commonplace the take a look at methodology is summarized here:

“The specimen is unfolding onto a sample pan that’s supported on a balance during a heating chamber that has been preheated and equilibrated to the desired idle temperature. It’s then heated to vaporize the moisture. The analysis is completed once the indicated weight loss falls below a rate laid out in the take a look at conditions. The whole loss of weight is integrated and displayed because of the percent of moisture. Both the analyzer’s balance and heater area unit label to NIST standards to realize precise and correct results.”

How it Works

A moisture analyzer for paper drying method is to extract and live moisture. It combines a preciseness balance and a heater. During a straightforward 4-step procedure:

  1. The drying method parameters area unit entered on a data input device. This area unit the drying temperature which can embody however the warmth is applied (a.k.a. heating profile) and shut-off criteria.
  2. The sample is placed on an advisement pan set within the drying chamber.
  3. The drying chamber is closed and therefore the analysis begins.
  4. The analyzer calculates the moisture content by examination the initial weight of the sample to the load when drying is complete.

As within the commonplace, the whole loss of weight is integrated and displayed because of the percent of moisture. Halogen natural glass is usually the supply of drying heat. These heaters give constant even drying of the sample when temperatures area unit programmed in by the moisture analyzer operator. Temperature is usually maintained inside 1⁰C of the chosen setting.

While most analyses involve ramping the temperature to a most of 160⁰C or less, in special cases higher temperatures are also necessary to realize complete drying. The analysis mechanically terminates either once the dry weight is stable or at a time such as by the operator.


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