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Moisture analyzer: based on microwave transmission technology



With the MW-T microwave transmission measurement equipment it is possible to measure the humidity inside the bale or box independently of the density, without weighing and without physical contact.

The MW-T has two antennas, which are installed on both sides of the merchandise to be measured. The emitting antenna generates and emits microwaves, which cross the merchandise and reach the receiving antenna. The electronic unit of the MW-T analyzes the received signal and calculates the moisture and density of the merchandise.

Due to the high measuring speed of approx. 50 values ​​per second, it is possible to measure profiles -distributions- of humidity and density. These profiles allow, on the one hand, the determination of the average value of humidity and density in the whole bale, and on the other hand they allow the automatic detection of foreign bodies and humidity nests.

With the use of photoelectric barriers and the recording of signals, measurements are made completely automated. The measured values ​​of humidity and density are recorded and transmitted, and can be printed on labels.

With the microwave moisture analyzer and density parameters are obtained independently from each other. Neither the distance to the sensor nor the oblique position alter the measurement value. Therefore, the MW-T is particularly suitable for use in an industrial environment.

Thanks to the possibility of positioning the sensors also vertically, the MW-T can determine the humidity and density also in reflection and also without physical contact. This is a good solution in cases where the sensors get dirty if they are in contact with the product or if there are large fluctuations in temperature.

The MW-T is also characterized by its compactness and industrial quality. The electronic unit is protected in a stainless steel cabinet completely hermetic to the air and dust. Thanks to this, the instrument hardly requires a minimum maintenance, being able to be used in any industrial environment.

Optionally it has the possibility of being equipped with a touch screen, which allows to visualize the process and the on-site configuration of the instrument. Alternatively, these tasks can be performed from a PC.

Analyzers for the control of humidity and density by microwave resonance

With the Electronic microwave resonance method, each measurement takes only a fraction of a second. The measurement speed is more than 100 measurements per second. With this you can capture products in rapid movement. To select an adequate system for online moisture measurement, it must be taken into account that the values ​​are not altered by fluctuations in the characteristics of the product. The moisture measurement systems of Electronic are characterized by being insensitive to this type of external interference. The MW 4270 online measurement instrument is equipped with a touchscreen color screen. With this, the measurement values ​​are continuously displayed. All configuration parameters can be adjusted in the instrument. MW 4260 has a 4 line LC display to indicate the measurement values. The necessary configuration is made through integrated management devices. For advanced operation, the MW 4260 is connected to a computer and controlled by means of the Tews Moisture View Software included.

The analyzers MW 4260/4270 are designed for the control of humidity and density in industrial processes, in countless applications within the sectors: pharmaceutical, food, construction, etc.

The MW 4270 instrument for measuring “on-line” is equipped with a color touch screen where the values ​​obtained are displayed, as well as the configuration parameters of the instrument can be seen and adjusted.

The MW4260 has a 4-line digital display to indicate the measurement values. The necessary configuration is made through PC and the Tews Moisture View program, which is included. MW 4260/4270 are combinable with a wide variety of sensors, both flat type and bypass type. Depending on the particularities of the material to be analyzed and the need for the parameter “density” concurrent with that of “humidity“, the appropriate sensor is chosen for each application.

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