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The new HE53 is released-a moisture analyzer that everyone can use!



As the world’s first company to invent a moisture analyzer, METTLER TOLEDO has accumulated decades of experience in the field of moisture measurement. But now the biggest challenge is how to ensure high quality, Design a moisture analyzer that can meet the basic needs of customers and can be easily purchased and used by everyone. ”

Recently, METTLER TOLEDO launched the cost-effective HE53; this entry-level moisture analyzer inherits the traditional quality of Switzerland’s compact and durable, easy to use and can be applied to a variety of moisture measurement needs.

For example, for many quality inspection works, the Mettler Toledo he53 moisture balances of a Data support company can provide accurate moisture test results in just a few minutes, thereby helping companies maximize control of their production processes and product quality. Moreover, Mettler Toledo he53 moisture balances by are extremely easy to use, and even untrained operators can easily master it. In addition, HE53 can help some companies with insufficient funds to carry out more advanced moisture determination projects at affordable prices.

Easy To Operate

The HE53’s instrument display screen can instruct the operator to perform the relevant steps in a graphical manner, and the moisture content of the sample can be seen on the display screen after only a few minutes.

  1. Symmetrical dial peeling
  2. Add samples and spread evenly
  3. Press the start key

Technology Leader

HE53 uses the most advanced drying technology, combined with high-performance weighing components, to ensure accurate measurement results. Its rugged design makes the HE53 not only used in laboratories but also in harsh environments such as factory floors.

Professional Guidance

METTLER Moisture Analyzer HE53, is Quick Moisture Analyzer. METTLER Moisture Analyzer HE53 is suitable for laboratories and production sites. Quickly and evenly dry samples

Product Features

  1. The compact of moisture analyzer is suitable for laboratories and production sites.
  2. Quickly and uniformly dry the sample to obtain accurate and reproducible moisture measurement results;
  3. Clear keys and moisture measurement information display to achieve intuitive and simple instrument operation;
  4. One measurement method button call, effective Improve efficiency;

For those inexperienced operators, HE53 also comes with METTLER TOLEDO’s “Moisture Test Guide”, which contains a lot of information about installation, operation, sampling, and routine testing. Or you can also learn practical drying methods online for free to help operators get started quickly.

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