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How to Make a Fashion Blog



Making a fashion blog is something that many people would like, especially many girls. For this reason, in this post, you have a complete guide to know how to make a fashion blog that is successful.

It is a dream. To be able to have an online system in which you write about something that you

are passionate about and also generate income for you.

Then I will give you the steps you must follow to know how to start a fashion blog from scratch.

  1. How to write in a fashion blog.

The way you write and express yourself in your new fashion blog is very important since your blog will be focused on a certain group of people and you should know how to connect with them from the first minute they start reading your content.

Here are several tips on how to write on your blog:

Think about whom you are talking to.

There are bloggers who when they write refer to the reader as “you”, others as “you” and others as “you.”

My recommendation is that you write referring to your reader as a single person to whom you are speaking. Talk to him as if it were a conversation you are having with your best friend to whom you are giving advice.

On the other hand, think about what content your readers are looking for.

Create tidy and easy to read the content.

When you start writing a post, write whatever comes to mind and then restructure and order that content so that it is visually appealing.

Remember that as readers we do not arrive and we start to read a post of 1,000 words in the first ones of change, but first, we scan the post and if it enters us by sight then we stop and take the necessary time to read what is published.

  1. How to use Instagram in your fashion blog.

Instagram is a very popular social network in the world of fashion since it is focused on sharing images and videos.

Instagram is a social network very simple to use and focused on the use with the mobile device, so it is a great tool to always be close to the followers of your blog.

It is almost an obligation to have an Instagram account where you share fashion products if you have a fashion blog.

To succeed on Instagram, keep in mind the following points:

  • You must be constant. The Instagram user usually accesses this network several times a day, since many photos can be viewed in a matter of seconds. That is why you must be constant in your publications and share several times a day.
  • Use photographs as natural as possible, since the use of filters makes the photo lose enough quality.
  • Use hashtags. Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags per photo, and with them, users can find you more easily.

Trend and Fashion.

Do you know the difference between the concepts of Trend and Fashion?

Fashion or trend, if you have ever wondered if any jewelry accessory is fashionable or is it a trend? You have reached the right place. Both concepts interact with each other, from this blog; we will try to focus on articles that you can understand, in a simple and useful way, so that you can apply it to your proposal.

The fashion is simply what is being used, has the characteristic of being repetitive – we see it everywhere – and are used collectively for a while. The fashion catwalks are divided into two great seasons, Spring-Summer and Autumn-Winter, which are presented 6 months before between the following season, in September 2018 we will see the Spring-Summer 2019 collections on the big catwalks.

The trend is used as a synonym for fashion, the evolution that fashion will follow is called Trend. The tendency is to predict that, in the case of jewelry, silver or gold colors, materials, jewelry style, long or short tendrils, with stones or metal, long or short necklaces, choker, among others, will be used.

When a designer presents his proposal, he does it from a vision that his collection is original, exclusive, and inspired by the season, proposing unique elements, which he wishes to bring to the trend. This proposed style becomes a trend if it is accepted by the public, when it is used by the collective it can be said that it is fashionable. It is a cycle that repeats itself.s

Before the arrival of social networks, these great design houses had the power to dictate what the trends would be in the coming seasons. We see a new world of fashion trends, where there is a changing and versatile trend. Street style has taken over trends, it is possible to predict what will be used when we follow influencers and analyze their outfits.

Importance of Trend today.           

Nowadays it is impossible to talk about dominant trends, because fashion is presented dynamically, the rise of designers with excellent proposals, social networks as a presentation platform for these proposals, the massive visualization through these networks, the possibility These designers have to present pieces frequently, coupled with the proliferation of secure online shopping media, has resulted in these varying trends, which at times feel that all styles are used and the public acts more by preference than by fashion .

When designing, it is necessary to take into account not only global trends , but regional trends, since the same accessories are not used in areas with warm temperatures as in areas with cold temperatures, when in some countries it is winter, in others it is summer, just as there are countries that have hot or cold temperatures throughout the year, some countries may like silver accessories more than gold ones, or tendrils may have better acceptance than bracelets, you must always evaluate all aspects so that you use the trends that go with your style of jewelry.

The trend is important when designing since they indicate where fashion is heading, therefore, you can, according to your customer’s target, know in advance what pieces, materials, styles, and colors you could use for your next collection.