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Key Advantages of Using Homecare Agency in Bromley Instead of Direct Hire



Leaving your elderly with the assistance of other people is sometimes challenging and demands attention to every detail. There are many alternatives and services, among which you can make your choice. However, they all share one common goal: to provide your elder ones with the best care service maximally keeping their comfort at home.

In order to get professional support, many people research and examine the best offers in their locations. They want to find people, who are ready to support their family members or relatives showing respect and kindness.

Many people hesitate between choosing a home care service or an individual caregiver. However, hiring an agency can bring you advantages and benefits. Let us detect some:

1.    Alternative Professional Services in One Similar Platform

Regardless of the situation and reasons for hiring a caregiver for your family member, you may need the support of the different types of services. Each of the professionals may be specialised in one sphere, and they will suggest the most appropriate one for your case.

Hence, with a home care agency, all types of services are available for different situations. If you want to get homecare in Bromley, River Garden Home Care is your best choice. Having more than 40-year of working experience, they will provide you with any type of support you need.

2.    Regulation from Care Quality Commission

Since you deal with older people, attention and carefulness must be at the possible highest level. Hence, choosing a home care service, which is regulated by the Care Quality Commission is proof, that all the standards of good care are kept. Besides, in this case, you can feel safe in terms of the support structure, professional approach and advanced services.

3.    Quality and Professionalism

There are many sensitive cases, that only professionals can overcome. However, how to make sure that you get the professional service if you do not know the individual caregiver personally?

Well, the situation here has one solution: trusting a good company that has years of experience. They will surely give the right level of support, and show maximal professional and experienced approach since they have trained their carers for every difficult situation and case.

4.    Legality and Liability

While hiring an individual caregiver is not illegal, however, hiring a company can give you broader advantages. It will keep you away from different documentation process since mostly the companies itself takes care of all the details.

Besides, agencies provide insurances for your carers for all types of situations while they are working. Hence, liability here as well matters.

5.    Resources, Responsiveness and Core Values

Experienced agencies have a wider cycle of support services and for special cases, like diabetes, mobility, physical disability, etc. they organise the rehabilitation process with specialists.

Each company has its core values, which every worker should follow. Among these values can be respect, honesty, dignity, etc. Hence, since the carers need to follow them, you can be sure that your older ones are in safe hands.

6.    Opportunity to get Backup Caregiver Help, if the Primary Caregiver cannot Come

While when hiring an individual caregiver, there can be situations when they cannot come, in case of an organisation, they will always suggest you another experienced carer. Hence, with an agency you are safer from any type of situation. The only thing, however, is to make the right choice.


Partnering with a professional agency is a great way to save time and get the best service. An experienced home care service takes workers who are specialised enough in their job and have great working experience, which is an important factor.

Besides, these types of agencies cooperate with the best health-care services whenever you need help for specialised medical help. They are customer-driven and do their best to keep the best name of their company.